Cheek Fillers: Top Benefits And How To Get The Best Results

Cheek Fillers: Top Benefits And How To Get The Best Results

As tweakments and non-invasive procedures become more popular than ever, an increasing number of people are choosing to enhance their cheekbones. Cheek fillers are a form of dermal filler. The process works to lift the cheekbones, smooth lines and wrinkles, create definition, and add volume to the face.

There are many different types of cheek filler available, and each has their own benefits and create varied results. At Hans Place, we are specialists in cheek fillers and facial enhancements, and our team are here to share the top benefits of this procedure and how to get the best results.


What Are The Benefits Of Cheek Filler?

With ageing, the volume in the face can naturally deplete, resulting in a hollowed or sagging look. Plump, high cheeks are often associated with youthfulness, and cheek fillers can help restore this look. Ageing isn’t the only reason to choose cheek fillers, and many of our patients come to us with concerns about barely visible cheekbones.

Everyone’s face shape is different, and some people prefer to use fillers to make their cheeks more defined and full. Some of the top benefits of cheek filler are:


Create That High Cheekbone Look

Current trends show that high cheekbones are more desirable than low ones. It is important to remember that your cheekbones are part of your natural facial structure, and whether they are high or low doesn’t really mean anything at all.

Cheek fillers are a way of enhancing and gently manipulating the face you were born with to leave you feeling confident and happy with your appearance.


Ditch That Contour Kit

As we have just mentioned, the look of high cheekbones is currently on trend. This means many people are choosing to create this look with makeup and contouring. With cheek fillers, you can ditch the makeup and give yourself more time in the mornings.

Enhancing your cheeks with filler can create the same look as contouring, but often with more realistic and natural results from every angle.


Balance Your Face Shape

Depending on your face shape, cheek filler treatments can balance your appearance. This kind of filler can work to add height to the structure of the bones and subtly even out other areas of the face.

If you want to balance out your facial features, cheek filler can be a very effective option.


Fight Signs Of Ageing

It is completely natural to lose volume in the face as you age. The cheeks are one of the first parts of the face to succumb to volume loss, and you might start realising your cheeks are not as full as they once were.

Cheek fillers work to rejuvenate the face and leave you looking youthful once again. Not only that, but cheek fillers can help in smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.


Soften The Nasolabial Lines

Cheek fillers don’t just help the appearance of the upper part of the face. They can actually reduce signs of ageing in the lower face as well. The nasolabial lines are the lines running from the side of the lips up to the nose and are one of the most common concerns for many people.

Injecting the direct area with filler can look unnatural and unusual, but using cheek filler to lift the face can reduce their appearance effectively. The result is perfectly pinned cheekbones and softened nasolabial lines.


Temporary Results

Just like with all types of dermal filler, cheek filler is not a permanent treatment. They usually last 12 to 14 months before being naturally dissolved into the skin. This gives you the choice to either top up your filler and maintain the results or let it all dissolve away completely.


Another great benefit is that if for any reason you are not satisfied with your cheek filler, you can have it dissolved immediately using hyaluronidase.


How To Get The Best Cheek Filler Results?

If you have decided that cheek filler is the right option for you, then you will want to make sure you are getting the very best results. While a lot of this comes down to your practitioner, there are still a few things you can do to help achieve your dream look.


  • Do Your Research: Dermal fillers are available from many different clinics and in many different types. Make sure you take the time to thoroughly research exactly what you want and find a practitioner you can trust.
  • Check You Are A Suitable Candidate: Dermal fillers are not suitable for everyone, and you should make sure you are suitable for this kind of treatment before making your mind up. Most clinics will not offer fillers for anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding or bruises easily. You also need to consider any allergies you have and your skin type.
  • Understand The Process: You should know exactly what the procedure involves before deciding if cheek filler is right for you. Ask your clinic to walk you through exactly what will happen on the day so you know what to expect. Ask any questions beforehand so you have a full understanding.
  • Prepare Your Skin: While preparing your skin before having filler treatment isn’t an absolute must, it is a good idea for achieving the best results. In the run-up to your appointment, look after your skin with an effective cleansing routine and regular moisturising.
  • Know Your Aftercare: Aftercare is one of the most important factors for achieving amazing cheek filler results. Your practitioner will give you some aftercare instructions, so be sure to follow these carefully. Other small things can help improve your recovery, such as drinking plenty of water, avoiding touching the injected area, and sleeping on your back.
  • Choose A Clinic You Trust: Ultimately, the results of your cheek filler depend a lot on where you choose to go. Choose a clinic with a good reputation and look for a practitioner with plenty of experience. Ask to see before and after photos of previous clients, and always attend an initial consultation.


At Hans Place, we are specialists in cheek filler and many other non-invasive treatments. For more advice or to book a free consultation, get in touch today.

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