Celebrity look-alike surgery on the rise

Celebrity look-alike surgery on the rise

These days it’s impossible to escape the cult of perfection, reality stars and celebrity culture is inescapable in magazines and social media. The pressure to ‘keep up’ and appear forever young is hard to resist, even though we’re all aware that today’s glossy magazine are so often re touched that some pictures can be slightly misleading.

The recent annual survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery shows that 13% of facial plastic surgeons surveyed saw an increase in requests for celebrity procedures in 2014 up from 3%. The most popular is Angelina Jolie’s lips and cheekbones to Kim Kardashians eyes and jawline.Possibly the most extreme example of someone wanting to imitate a celebrity is the somewhat unusual case of Valeria Lukyanova, a Ukrainian model from Odessa, who has had over 20 procedures to model herself on Barbie, the toy doll.

At Hans Place Practice, whether it’s a VASER liposuction treatment or Botox, Dr Mike Comins aims to achieve a look which is both realistic and natural but always bearing in mind what you, the patient, wants to achieve. We want to have happy patients with an enhanced natural look; equally, we would never compromise standards just to imitate a celebrity face or body. It’s easy to be faddish, particularly when thereare so many new treatments and new technologies emerging in the market. Despite the lure of the new, we aim for consistency in our professional service and care to all our patients. We want to ensure that having cosmetic surgery and liposuction treatments its carried out in a safe way that is a priority.

We see great results, Dr Mike Comins is one of the best in his field carrying out thousands of procedures.


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