Best Treatments For The Mum Tum

Best Treatments For The Mum Tum

One of the most common complaints among women is the dreaded mum tum. Losing pregnancy weight can be a challenge, and the stomach is a notoriously difficult area to deal with. While your body has done something truly amazing, bringing another human into this world, stubborn fat around the belly can leave you feeling self-conscious and unhappy.

From loose skin to excess fat, the mum tum can show itself in many different ways. Luckily, there are options for treating the stomach area to help get your body back to feeling comfortable and happy. We’re looking into why mum tums are so difficult to shift and the best treatment options for this.

What Is A Mum Tum?

After pregnancy, many women are left with excess fat or sagging skin around the stomach area. For some, this appears like a small pouch of stubborn fat. For others, it is the loose skin that hasn’t snapped back. While a mum tum can be different for every mother, one thing is for sure; they are difficult to get rid of.

The stomach is naturally used for storing fat, and during pregnancy, the body stores even more fat around the stomach, thighs and hips. This is to protect your growing baby, prepare the body for birth and ensure you have enough stored energy to feed a healthy baby.

Once the body has stored up this extra fat during pregnancy, getting rid of it again after giving birth can be a real struggle. Fluctuations in hormones play a significant role in the storage of fat in the body and can lead to the metabolism slowing right down. Not only that, but stress and sleepless nights, which are common as a mother, can impact your ability to lose weight.

There are many reasons why losing the mum tum is a real challenge, and sometimes diet and exercise alone don’t seem to help. There are various treatment options for dealing with excess fat and loose skin on the stomach, and the best one for you depends on your unique body.

Is A Mum Tum The Same As Diastasis Recti?

Sometimes the separation of the central abdominal muscles down the midline during pregnancy causes the abdomen to bulge after birth. This is called diastasis recti. If the separation is more than four-fingers wide, then the recommended option is surgical repair with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty).

However, if the diastasis recti is relatively mild or moderate, then diastasis can usually respond well to specifically targeted exercise focusing on the abdominal muscles that wrap around the torso, such as the obliques and transverse abdominus (TVA).  Pilates and other core-focused exercises are excellent for diastasis.

Research shows that diastasis recti can usually be improved naturally through core exercises and a healthy diet. The focus is to ensure the core is engaged and pulled in – try to follow exercises specifically recommended for the condition. Some exercises such as planks can lead the core to bulge out, which can hinder your progress.

If you’re struggling to improve the condition with exercise alone, then you may wish to consider surgery. However, most doctors will recommend therapeutic exercise and physical therapy first before opting for surgery.

Treating A Mum Tum At Home

There are a couple of ways you can begin to combat your mum tum by yourself, without the need for treatment. Removing excess fat on the stomach requires;

  • A Healthy Diet: It is imperative that you eat right in order to shift excess fat anywhere on the body. As a parent, finding the time to eat well isn’t always easy, but if you really want to get rid of your mum tum, you need to be eating a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Regular Exercise: Exercising is crucial to eliminating a mum tum, but finding the energy and time isn’t easy. Prioritise short, intense workouts whenever you can, and make healthy choices in your daily life. This could be taking the stairs instead of the lift or taking the kids out for a walk every day.

Treating a mum tum at home is not easy, and it takes serious hard work and dedication over time. For some women, no amount of diet or exercise will help remove the stubborn fat around the stomach. Sagging or loose skin is another common feature on a mum tum and one that diet and exercise can’t always help with. This is when cosmetic treatments can be an excellent option.

The Best Treatments For A Mum Tum

If you have decided that treatment is the best option for you and your mum tum, then it is vital you choose the right ones. There are many types of treatment that can be used to reduce fat around the stomach and eliminate loose skin. Some of the most popular mum tum treatments include;

Vaser Liposuction

Vaser lipo uses innovative technology to remove fat and reshape the body. It is excellent for treating mum tums and excess fat around the stomach. Unlike traditional liposuction, Vaser lipo doesn’t require a general anaesthetic, lengthy surgery or a stay in hospital.

Small incisions are made in the stomach area, and a local anaesthetic is used to numb the area. Ultrasound energy is then used to emulsify stubborn fat tissue around the stomach. This treatment is so effective for treating mum tums because it can melt away deep, superficial fat. Liquified fat cells are then removed from the stomach using an aspiration process.

The stomach is then sculpted using specific suction cannulas to leave the area smooth and defined.

Vaser Hi-Def And Vaser Mid-Def

Using similar technology to Vaser liposuction, these treatments can create definition around the stomach. Vaser mid-def is perfect for creating a soft yet toned finish on the stomach, while Vaser hi-def can create a gym-toned muscle appearance. This treatment can be used alongside Vaser liposuction to remove excess fat and sculpt the stomach to the desired look.

It does not sculpt the muscle definition out of fat but instead enhances the appearance of the natural muscles.


This ground-breaking treatment is super-effective for treating mum tums with loose and sagging skin. Sometimes after pregnancy, the stomach does not spring back into shape, and the skin stays stretched and loose. Renuvion uses radiofrequency energy to contract the subdermal tissue and boost collagen production.

A small device is entered into the stomach through small incisions, and the recovery and downtime after treatment is minimal. The result is an instant firming effect, which tightens the skin on the stomach. Renuvion is often used with Vaser liposuction to eliminate loose skin after excess fat has been removed.

Stepping Back Into Your Confidence

Using these treatments can be an effective way to treat a mum tum. They can help you get back to a body you are confident in. All cosmetic treatments should be accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise, and this will maximise the results.

Here at Hans Place Practice, we are specialists in using treatments like Vaser and Renuvion. We work with many women who are looking to enhance their appearance and feel comfortable in their own skin. If you want to discuss your treatment options or find out which is best suited to your unique body, book a complimentary consultation today.

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