Best Techniques For A Non Surgical Face Lift

Best Techniques For A Non Surgical Face Lift

Feeling your best self doesn’t have to mean making lots of major changes. Sometimes simple and minimally invasive is the way to go in enhancing your existing beauty. We all know that when you look good, you feel good, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a few tweaks here and there.

Aesthetic treatments have been created to rejuvenate how you currently feel and help you look and feel amazing.

One of the first places that women look towards tweaking is their face. It’s what you put out to the world, but no matter how incredible your skincare routine is, ageing happens. We’re all about helping you gain that youthful glow back and have you feeling like your old self with our non-surgical techniques, not ‘fixing’ your flaws. However, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to tighten up and rejuvenate your skin!

Surgical procedures are a big investment, and going under the knife is a very scary thought. However, minimally invasive, aesthetic treatments can give you just as good a result as surgery can at just a fraction of the cost! Here are a few of our favourite techniques for non surgical face lifts:

Dermal Fillers

One of the most popular treatments we offer is dermal fillers as a less invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery. Derma fillers are about enhancing your standout features and making them even more noticeable, whether it’s your lips, around the eyes or your cheeks. Injecting hyaluronic acid into the skin increases volume and fat levels in the specified area. It also smooths out any fine lines and wrinkles.

Alternatively, you could opt for the 8 point face lift. This is where we inject eight different points of the face where fat cells can deteriorate quicker. This gives a more natural lift to the face whilst augmenting the face subtly. It stays in place under the skin to add definition and restore volume and fat cells.


Profhilo is a fairly new treatment that many don’t know about, but it’s taking the beauty world by storm. It’s an injectable hyaluronic acid moisturiser, making it perfect for giving you that fresh-faced glow again. Not only does it help to tighten the tissue underneath your skin, it also hydrates at the same time.

Unlike derma fillers, it only works to restore the skin’s firmness underneath and let it radiate from within. Through bio-remodelling the skin, it helps collagen and elastin to produce. This, in turn, reduces lines and wrinkles wherever injected.


If you’re looking for a long-lasting option, Renuvion could be the treatment for you. Using radio-frequency energy and helium plasma, it uses heat applied to the correct area. It is then cooled almost instantly to avoid harm to the tissue. The heat allows the tissue to contract to its optimal level before being cooled in less than a second. Think of it as a blast of heat to the tissue to allow it to start collagen rebuilding.

It can take up to a year to see the full effect of the treatment, so don’t expect instant results. However, it lasts up to 3 years, so it is an investment option. There is no excess scarring, and recovery time is minimal. You can undergo this treatment alongside Vaser Liposuction or as a standalone option.


INTRAcel combines a mixture of microneedling, radiofrequency technology and fractional treatments into one treatment. This skin tightening treatment is one of the most effective on the market. Not only does it firm up the skin, but it also improves its texture, reduces wrinkles, diminishes pores, and can help to treat acne and scarring.

It is considered safer than a laser treatment as it protects the skin’s surface throughout.

By targeting just the specific area of the face, it reduces recovery time, and you can see the results almost instantly. However, it is a treatment that may need to be repeated every few weeks after the initial session.


The updated version of INTRAcel is a deeper version of skin tightening. It allows for targeting of the facial or neck tissue structures. ULTRAcel uses a combination of high intensity focused ultrasound and radiofrequency to give extra tightening, not available with any other treatment.

ULTRAcel tends to be used on the neck and brow area as well as the midface. A top-up session is often offered a few months afterwards, too. Other than that, a treatment once a year is enough.

A Regular Skincare Routine

Whilst it cannot reverse ageing, implementing a full skincare routine can undoubtedly have your skin glowing in a short amount of time. Whilst a cleanser, toner and moisturiser should be used every morning and evening, you can invest in other products to improve your skin.

Make sure to research your skin type fully first, as products are designed for certain skin types. They often target specific areas of the face and neck too. Everyone should also use SPF daily to avoid sun damage to the skin. Many moisturisers include SPF now, but factor 30 is the ideal number to get, even when indoors.

Serums, eye cream, face masks and different thicknesses of moisturisers are helpful to add in throughout the week as and when needed. Retinol, hyaluronic acids, face oils and spot treatments can also be added to the mix. It’s all about making a routine that works for you. This is why evening skincare routines tend to be more luxurious as we have more time.

There is a lot of choice of products as well as brands, so start by just introducing one or two extra steps at a time and see which ones offer the best results.

Any treatment should be to enhance your beauty and make you feel good about yourself. It’s still an investment to rejuvenate your skin, so we want to make sure you choose the right option for you. If you’re unsure about which treatment is best for you, we offer in-depth consultations to guide you through our offerings.

We can answer any questions you may have as well as discuss our range of treatments. Click here to book your consultation today.



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