Avoiding a Brazilian Butt Lift - Minimally invasive treatments to improve bum shape

Avoiding a Brazilian Butt Lift – Minimally invasive treatments to improve bum shape

Feeling self-conscious about the lower half of your body is incredibly common, with many concerns focusing on the buttocks. Both men and women often have concerns about the shape, size, texture and appearance of their buttocks. However, many aren’t sure what they can do to improve it without surgery. 

For years, the Brazilian Butt Lift was massively popular – celebrities worldwide showcased their enhanced figure in fitted clothing. However, in the last few years, safety concerns have been raised, and stories of the procedure have led people to rule out this procedure. 

As a result, many people have been left feeling like there’s nothing they can do to feel more confident. This is absolutely not the case – in fact, there are many options that could help you achieve your desired look, ranging from natural options to minimally invasive procedures. 

Do Squats Improve Bum Shape?

The internet has long heralded squats as the best way to improve the size and shape of your buttocks, but do they actually work? 

Squats became popular as a way to improve the size of your buttocks because they’re a movement that works all of your glute muscles simultaneously. By building these muscles through squats you can increase the size of your buttocks. Additionally, by toning your glutes, your buttocks will look and feel firmer.

While squats are the most famous method of increasing buttock size, they’re not the only exercise that will do this. Glute bridges, lunges, single-leg deadlifts and donkey kicks are all movements that will tone your glutes, increasing the size and firmness of your buttocks. 

If it’s accessible to you, try weight training, as this is also an excellent method for improving the size of your glutes and helping your buttocks to feel toned. Regularly practising a range of exercises that target the glutes and lower body as a whole is the best way to see an improvement through lifestyle choices alone and will help to ensure that the surrounding area is toned in proportion with the glutes.

The important thing to note is that exercising can increase the size of your glute muscles and make them appear firmer, but it won’t drastically change the shape. However, if you’re conscious of the shape of your buttocks, then there are a range of minimally invasive treatments that could help you.

VASER Liposuction

VASER liposuction is a minimally invasive treatment that’s designed to remove excess fatty tissue. It’s powerful enough to be used on large areas of the body but is also precise enough for use in smaller or more delicate areas. This makes it ideal for sculpting buttocks, particularly for anyone who feels conscious about uneven fat distribution. 

The treatment works by applying ultrasound technology, which breaks up the fatty tissue without damaging surrounding tissue before removing the liquified fat. By applying VASER to specific areas of the buttocks, your consultant can adjust the bottom’s shape to align with your goals and help it appear more lifted and tight. VASER Liposuction is a long-lasting treatment that is ideal for anyone who has been considering cosmetic procedures for some time.


Renuvion is used to improve the firmness of the target area and help the skin to appear more smooth, making it perfect for shaping and defining buttocks that lack definition or show signs of sagging skin. Renuvion works by applying cooled radio frequency energy to the target area, which contracts the surrounding tissue to promote collagen production. 

Collagen firms, tightens and tones the skin, meaning that the additional collagen will help the buttocks to appear more plump and toned. Renuvion can also be used in conjunction with VASER Liposuction in order to smooth and tighten the skin after fat removal for a better final result. Just one treatment of Renuvion is required; results are almost instant and can continue to improve for up to 3 months as the body continues to produce collagen.

VelaShape 3 

VelaShape 3 is a revolutionary treatment that shapes, contours and slims the target area by melting fat and promoting collagen production. It works by combining four different technologies to heat tissue which reduces fat and promotes the growth of new and better quality collagen, which will result in a localised reduction in body volume and improvement in skin texture

This groundbreaking procedure is ideal for tightening sagging skin and tonic the buttocks. It’s an effective treatment option both on its own and as a follow-up to VASER liposuction. The permanence of VelaShape 3 depends on your lifestyle; if you lead a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise, then results could last up to one year. 

There are many ways to treat concerns around buttock appearance. Size, shape and texture are all issues that can be addressed without invasive surgery. Depending on which procedure you have, the results can last for years. 

As with all cosmetic treatments, it’s important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle in addition to receiving sculpting or fat-reducing procedures. Book a consultation with Hans Place today to discuss your concerns and find out more about which treatments could be best suited to you. 

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