2022 Time For A Healthier You

2022 Time For A Healthier You

The start of a new year is always a good time to focus on your health and wellbeing and make some changes to your lifestyle for the better. Many of us indulge during the holiday season and find January to be the perfect time to get back on track. Thousands of people will be setting their new year’s resolutions to be healthier and happier in their bodies in 2022, and if this is your goal for the year ahead, then now is the time to start planning for success.

There are many things to consider, and whether you want to lose weight, eat healthier or feel more confident in your skin, you need to plan ahead.

If your overall goal for 2022 is to improve your health, you need to consider how you will achieve this. Are you going to improve your diet, up your exercise regime, or both? How are you going to stay motivated? And how are you going to stick to your plans for the long term?

In this article, we are exploring how you can achieve a healthier you in 2022 and sharing some top tips and advice to help you along the way.

Form Positive Habits

Setting out with an ambitious new year’s resolution to improve your health is an amazing thing to do. However, forming new habits is difficult, and sometimes they simply don’t stick. The majority of people who set a new year’s resolution fail within the first month, and this is usually because they don’t create positive, healthy habits.

Before you head into 2022 with all the best intentions, you need to figure out how you can form positive habits for the year ahead.

Most people set huge goals for a new year and then fail because they have taken on an ‘all or nothing’ mentality. The truth is, habits are built slowly and need to start small. Taking on too much at once is a sure-fire way to fail, so instead, make small changes. Then plan how you will build on this with time.

You should also incorporate failure into your plan because it is inevitable. Everyone slips up occasionally, and it is how you handle these setbacks that define your success. Plan to bounce back if something happens to go wrong, and don’t be too hard on yourself.

You could start with building the habit of going to the gym twice a week. Don’t set your goals too high, by saying you are going to go workout every day or achieve huge things every time you visit the gym.

Instead, just get into the habit of turning up a couple of times a week. Over time, you can build on this and eventually, it will be a normal part of your routine and a habit for life. If you miss a day, don’t stress, or punish yourself, just move on from it and continue to go the next time your plan tells you to.

Enlist Expert Help

Turning your health around is not only about losing weight or eating well but also about your mindset towards these things. Creating a healthier you in 2022 will be easier if you have the help and support from experts. Joining a programme, hiring a personal trainer, or even asking for help from friends and family can help keep you accountable and set you on a path to success.

At Hans Place Practice we have created our own Weight Loss Clinic to help individuals with exactly this.

Our Weight Loss Clinic is a carefully curated programme to help you put in place the support and tools you need to develop healthy living habits and achieve your goals in 2022. We understand that your weight, health, and appearance can play a critical role in your overall wellbeing. We set out to help you create long term changes to your lifestyle and reach your goals in a sustainable and healthy way.

We aim to help all of our patients feel their best self, and we know that feeling amazing comes from both the inside and out. When you lead a healthier lifestyle, not only will you feel better overall, but you will become more confident and comfortable in your body. This is the mission with Hans Place Practice, founded by Dr Mike Comins, a leading practitioner who has years of experience in helping clients feel confident and content in their own skin.

Extra Support Through Specialist Treatments

Many people aim to lose weight from specific areas of their bodies, such as their stomachs, hips, or thighs. Often, these areas are prone to very stubborn fat, and no amount of dieting and exercise can get rid of it. When this happens, it can cause self-confidence issues and leave you feeling unhappy in your body. There are various treatments available that can be used alongside a healthy lifestyle to achieve the results you want in 2022.

Vaser Liposuction is a popular treatment for those who want to lose weight and are concerned about stubborn areas of fat. Ultrasound technology is used to target specific areas of fatty tissue and reshape the body. It is commonly used on the flanks, thighs, or tummy, but it is also delicate enough for treating small areas like the neck.

If your goal for 2022 is to improve your muscle definition, then treatments such as Vaser Hi Def & Mid Def can help. For some body shapes, no matter how much training and muscle you build, definition can be difficult to see. This treatment works to sculpt around your existing muscle tissue to create an athletic and toned look.

If you have lost weight or are planning to drop a few pounds in 2022, then you might be concerned about loose, sagging skin. This is a common issue among those who have adopted a healthy lifestyle, and it is caused by the skin becoming stretched and not bouncing back after weight loss. ULTRAcel is a great option for those who desire tighter, firmer skin anywhere on the body.

For more information on our Weight Loss Clinic or our aesthetic treatments, contact us today.


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