Vaser Hi-Def/Mid-Def FAQs

What are VASER Hi-Def and Mid-Def?

VASER Hi-Def and Mid-Def are two variations of the VASER Liposuction treatment, which is designed to selectively sculpt and reshape your torso, chest and/ or upper arms.

In experienced hands VASER Hi-Def Liposuction can be used to sculpt around the musculature giving an athletic look. It’s popular with anyone who wants a defined muscular torso or the appearance of gym-toned pectorals.

VASER Mid-Def Liposuction is the best option for anyone wanting a softer but still toned and sporty appearance.

VASER Liposuction, VASER Hi-Def and Mid-Def Liposuction use ultrasound technology to help reshape the body. There’s no need for a general anaesthetic or hospital stay.

  • Both Hi-Def and Mid-Def treatments are performed with local anaesthetic (with or without optional IV sedation )
  • Like VASER Liposuction, Hi-Def and Mid-Def are performed in a clinic setting, with no need for a hospital stay.
  • Both treatments are specifically tailored to your body, enhancing your existing abdominal and torso muscles, resulting in a more athletic looking appearance.
  • For women VASER Hi-Def and Mid-Def can highlight the vertical lines of the central stomach muscles, the waistline, the groin ‘V’, the hips and the upper arms. Hi-Def will give a more sculpted appearance.
  • For men we can reveal the pectorals, six-pack muscles, the obliques (sides), upper arms and serratus muscles. Hi-Def will give a more athletic appearance.
  • In experienced hands they are targeted and reliable techniques.
  • The use of VASER assisting the fat extraction helps to enable a more precise contouring.
  • Incisions are small and usually hidden.

Which treatment is right for me?

The most suitable treatment for each individual will depend on a number of factors. The patient’s natural body shape is taken into consideration and the texture of the skin, along with the amount of fat to be removed and the individual’s personal goals.
It all starts with an initial consultation with Dr Comins. He will explain the differences between the treatments and discuss the best options for you. If you are after a more athletic, sporty look, then VASER Hi-Def Liposuction could be the right option but it will depend on other factors such as your natural frame and skin consistency , which must be taken into consideration to create a balanced appearance.

If you would like a toned but shapely profile, VASER Mid-Def might the right treatment. Why not book a consultation and find out more?

VASER Lipo, VASER Hi-Def and VASER Mid-Def are not a weight loss solutions for patients who have a high Body Mass Index. A balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and an exercise programme are important but VASER treatments may be good option for those who want to reshape areas of stubborn fat.

What areas can be treated with VASER Hi-Def and Mid-Def?

We can use the treatments to reshape and sculpt the abdomen, chest, hips and love handles, waist and arms. Why not look at some of our ‘before and after’ pictures? Vaser Hi and mid def is sometimes combined with Renuvion for clients who would benefit for some additional skin tightening.

Who performs VASER Hi-Def and Mid-Def Liposuction Treatments at Hans Place

Dr Mike Comins was the first doctor in the UK to be trained in VASER Hi-Def and he introduced this specific liposculpture technique to the UK in 2008, since then he has performed over 1000 procedures using the VASER Hi-Def technique.

In 2012 Dr Comins won an industry award for his VASER work and he is an accredited trainer for advanced VASER liposuction.

VASER, Hi-Def and Mid-Def Liposuction photos by Dr Comins

Dr Comins advises that prospective patients visit a number of different doctors experienced in the hi def technique before deciding whom to go with for their treatment. It is important not to feel rushed into having this treatment. He also recommends that patients ask to see a lot of ‘before and after’ pictures so they can judge the doctor’s work and level of experience.

You can view some of Dr Comins patient pictures here.

When will I see the results with VASER Hi-Def Liposuction?

Whilst all individual patients are different, some patients can see some results immediately, however due to the swelling most will start to see their results over the following two to six weeks. As the swelling subsides the results will become more apparent, although it can take up to six months to appreciate the final end results.

How many treatments will I need?

The Vaser liposuction treatment is usually performed over one session with an additional touch up treatment to maximise results after around six months if required. Touch up treatments are usually small reasonably quick procedures designed to make sure your results are the best that can be achieved. If multiple areas are to be treated then you may need to have your treatment split over 2 sessions 1-6 weeks apart.


Does VASER Hi-Def Liposuction hurt?

The area to be treated is numbed with local anaesthetic, but patients will experience some discomfort during both the procedure and the recovery period. Hi and Mid Def vaser is usually more uncomfortable than standard vaser lipo and some patients choose to have optional  iv conscious sedation for additional pain relief *. Post operative pain is generally managed with painkillers and all patients are sent home with detailed aftercare instructions, which are there to help minimise discomfort and speed the recovery period.
Not all patients respond the same and your response to the treatment will depend on several factors. This will be discussed in your consultation and again before the treatment.

Because Hi-Def and Mid-Def takes a little longer then traditional VASER and requires more local anaesthetic, the procedure is sometimes split into two separate treatments, one to three weeks apart.

* IV conscious sedation for anxious patients or those seeking additional pain relief is provided by a consultant anaesthetist . (See pricing for additional cost).

What are the side-effects with VASER Hi-Def Liposuction?

Most people report some discomfort/pain for a few days (requiring painkillers) and occationally bruising. You will also experience some swelling, especially during the first few weeks.
You will be able to leave the clinic an hour or so after your treatment but we usually advise home rest for the rest of the day and the following day and 3-5 days off work.

If you have IV sedation you must arrange for someone to escort you home and you must not be left alone for 24 hours. You should be able to return to your day-to-day, non-strenuous activities after this time.

We advise refraining from strenuous sporting activities for two to three weeks after the procedure.

The majority of swelling, discomfort and any bruising generally subsides within two to six weeks and is helped with our recommended post treatment program. All side effects and complications will be thoroughly discussed during your pre-op consultation.

Occasionally patients may experience some skin laxity, unevenness or excessive swelling. There are a number of treatments, which can be used to help with complications and these will all be discussed with you prior to the treatment.

How long will my new body shape last?

Maintaining your new body shape is down to you. Not adhering to a good diet and exercise is like buying a top of the range sports car and never cleaning it! A good diet and exercise programme is essential for everyone who has has this treatment. If you are not leading a healthy lifestyle this treatment will not prevent future weight gain.
VASER Hi-Def and Mid-Def will destroy the fat cells in the area that has been treated, so if you do gain some weight, the additional weight should be spread evenly over the whole body ( i.e you should keep your new shape but you will just looking bigger!)  but this will depend on many factors including your genetic makeup, natural body shape and metabolism. Excessive weight gain will distort you aesthetic results and even trigger new fat cells to grow in the treated areas. Furthermore ageing will have an impact on the results over time, especially as the skin ages and develops more laxity.

Questions to ask during your consultation

Not everyone that does Vaser liposuction is trained in Vaser Hi and Mid Def.   Hi and Mid Def Vaser liposuction is a  advanced type of liposuction, using multiple techniques for sculpting around the muscles.   This type of procedure can be associated with more downtime and a higher risk of minor complications , such as seromas. In view of this, adherence to our postoperative protocols, aftercare and follow up is important, so that any such issues can be dealt with effectively and straightforwardly. It is essential that your doctor should be fully trained in VASER Hi-Def Liposuction and ideally will have plenty of experience in this technique and the management of any complications associated with it.

Some important questions to ask your Doctor during your pre treatment consultation may include:

  • How many clients have you treated with VASER Hi-Def/Mid-Def?
  • Can I see photos of your work?
  • Can I see testimonials, speak to clients you have treated?
  • Have you had any complications?
  • How many complications have you had?
  • How have you managed these complications?
  • What aftercare protocols do you have in place?
  • Will I need other treatments to help me get the final look I want?
  • What results can I realistically expect from the treatment?

What aftercare is required with VASER Hi-Def?

The aftercare regime following both VASER Hi-Def and VASER Mid-Def is important and does require some commitment from the patient. Examples of this include: frequent manual lymphatic drainage treatments, stretching exercises and wearing of foam vests, corsets and compression garments amongst others.

All patients are given thorough verbal and written aftercare instructions and guidance.

Why not read more about VASER treatments and other skin firming procedures?

We can answer all of your Vaser Hi-Def/Mid-Def questions:

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