Manual Lymphatic Drainage Following Vaser Liposuction


What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is responsible for removing excess fluid or “swelling” and waste / toxins, including dead and damaged cells or “bruises” from our bodies. The lymphatic vessels are very similar to the blood vessels in our bodies and are located through a vast network. However, unlike the blood, it is a one way system and doesn’t circulate the body with the heart pumping the blood, instead it has to rely on a natural rhythm. This rhythm can be forced to speed up with Manual Lymphatic Drainage and hence made to work much more efficiently.

What happens to the lymphatic system after Vaser Liposuction?

After Vaser Liposuction the area “swells”. This is a natural response as the body produces a “cushion of fluid” around the “damaged area” so it can be protected while it heals itself. Wearing a compression garment limits the amount of fluid “swelling” that is produced. The lymphatics will gradually remove the swelling plus any dead blood cells or bruises. Because we are all unique the time it can take varies. However, sometimes the lymphatic system can become overwhelmed and cannot remove the excess fluid or “swelling” quickly enough. Pockets of fluid become trapped causing hard and uneven areas.

How can I ensure effective lymphatic drainage following Vaser Liposuction?

The application of Manual Lymphatic Drainage causes the lymphatic system to work more efficiently thus helping to prevent the build up of fluid and toxins in the lymphatic system if it does occur. Manual Lymphatic Drainage encourages the hardness to disperse and the body to remove it naturally.

How does Manual Lymphatic Drainage feel?

Lymphatic vessels are very tiny and fragile hence Manual Lymphatic Drainage has to be extremely gentle, a side effect is that it is also very relaxing!

When can I have Manual Lymphatic Drainage?

To receive the full benefit of Manual Lymphatic Drainage after Vaser Liposuction it is best to receive a treatment as soon as possible after the procedure. This can be done the day after treatment here at Hans Place Practice with our fully qualified, dedicated therapist. If there are drains, another session following their removal would be beneficial and in some cases a further follow up treatment may be necessary.

Please call the team on 0207 584 1642 for more information on Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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