Lip Enhancement for men


Lip Dermal fillers for men

The lips can shrink with age and lose their plumpness and definition due to the loss of fat and collagen. But for some men it’s a question of simple dissatisfaction with a thin or uneven lip shape. For a fuller, more youthful and even look, lips can be treated with dermal fillers for a temporary effect.

Dermal fillers are a collagen material made of synthetic or natural substances. It is used for injection in the dermis for the purpose of augmenting soft tissues. Dermal fillers have had a significant rise in their application for aesthetic reasons, namely to help correct skin conditions which develop as a result of ageing such as creases, folds and wrinkles.

Since these components are used on human skin, which is highly sensitive and reactive to different materials, dermal fillers must always be tested for safety and effectiveness. When making a decision to use dermal fillers speak to a qualified practitioner about any safety issues you may have and possible side-effects of the treatment.

Lips can be one of the most difficult areas to treat; in the hands of an inexperienced practitioner, you could end up with a less than natural-looking result. Dr. Comins, however, has extensive experience in this area, having treated hundreds of lips and also having corrected a great deal of unsatisfactory treatments performed by other clinics. He has over 15 years experience and is highly regarded within the cosmetic industry.

At Hans Place Practice, all patients having lip enhancement discuss their expectations with Dr Comins prior to their treatment, as it is vital to be advised about the best way to achieve the look you want. Dermal fillers are a semi-permanent injectable solution, which contains re-absorbable hyaluronic acid. This biocompatible product has a plumping effect on the skin to either restore volume or smooth out lines.

Understand how dermal fillers work

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