“It takes just 90 minutes, doesn’t hurt, leaves no scars and removes fat for good. Is this the answer to every woman’s prayers?

Last August, while mid-headstand at my yoga class, I noticed something that led to me making a life-changing decision. Yes, my hamstring muscles were longer, my hips more open, but when I stood on my head something disconcerting happened. As my legs sailed up into the air, my stomach lurched forward to greet me in a most disagreeable way.

The sagging lump of excess blubber, released from its normal stranglehold of support tights, was celebrating its freedom by slapping me in the face – all 12 lb of it.”

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Dr Comins was the first in the UK to introduce the revolutionary Vaser Hi-Def to the UK and is an award winning Vaser Surgeon with over 3000 procedures performed to date. He is highly regarded as a Vaser Liposuction trainer and is respected within his field as one of the top practitioners in the UK.

Patients travel from overseas in order to see Dr. Comins and to be treated for this walk in walk out treatment which requires no general anaesthetic and no overnight hospital stay.