Dr Mike Comins discusses how he sees that men are now turning the tides on the preened and perfect look with smooth skin and a shiny complexion to that of the Alpha Male. Beards, stubble and a good skin tone are what is now on-trend. Some wrinkle injections on the frown lines may be a great choice but a smooth forehead and no expression is not the way forward. It’s more rugged to have a few crows feet and lines on the forehead and this trend is now filtering to the catwalk. The Evening Standard spoke to Dr. Comins about the treatments that he can provide for the modern man.

‘What’s very important to men is to have good-quality skin — I’m doing a lot of Intracel, which uses radio frequency energy to boost collagen levels in the skin. It’s really good for acne scars, and also for tightening up slack skin around the cheekbones and jawline.’

He also talks about Vaser body sculpting, which is less brutal than full-on liposuction but, since it sucks fat right out of the body via a super-slim cannula, is extremely effective.

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Other effective treatments include :