Dr Comins performs Vaser High Def for Toyah Wilcox, a singer, actress and performer most famous for her outrageous and flabmoyant performances in the 80s.

Miss Wilcox discusses how she is a healthy woman in her 50s and keeps fit by doing lots of hill walking around her home. She noticed that her figure started to change quite considerably as she reached her 50s and that her bottom began to ‘sag’ and lose volume.

Having had cosmetic surgery before, Toyah was not adverse to having a procedure and chose to come to Hans Place Practice to have the procedure of fat transfer to the buttocks.

She explains …

“On TV I saw women who were black and blue after liposuction and couldn’t sit down for weeks. So I was relieved and enthused to read that VASER Hi Def involves inserting a fine ultrasound probe – a titanium rod about two to three millimetres thick – into the fatty areas of the stomach, chest or buttocks under local anaesthetic.

The ultrasound waves emitted from the probe liquefy the fat and an equally tiny suction tube is then inserted and used to suck out as much of the fat as possible. Any liquefied fat that doesn’t get sucked out will be excreted with normal bodily waste.

Apparently this process allows a surgeon to sculpt the specially selected areas, almost carving fat away from around the key muscle groups to create a highly defined physical shape”.

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