Dr. Mike Comins and Hans Place Practice features in The Ultimate Beauty Guide, an annual guide for the consumer to be able to read about the very best cosmetic doctors, plastic surgeons, clinicians, dermatologists and dentists in the industry.

Collated by Stephen Handisides, television presenter and journalist in the field of health, beauty, aesthetics and dentistry, The Ultimate Beauty Guide showcases the most advanced technology, practitioners and developments in a guide to all things beauty. The Ultmate Beauty Guide is part of MyFaceMyBody, the consumer information website for information on cosmetic and aesthetic treatments.

Dr Comins speaks exclusively about Vaser Liposuction, the techniques used, developments in procedures and guidelines for those who are considering any surgical/non surgical treatments.

Dr Comins is an award winning Vaser Surgeon and was the first to bring Vaser Hi Def to the UK.

Hans Place is dedicated to offering patients the utmost care and security when choosing a procedure and with 15 years’ experience and having performed over 4000 Vaser procedures to date has the experience to give the highest level of skill and care to all his patients.

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