Loose Skin On Waist

Many people find that they have loose skin on the waist and there are several causes for this sagging, excess skin. It is a completely normal feature of many men and women’s bodies, but it can lead to self-consciousness and lowered self-esteem for some. Loose skin on the waist is commonly caused by a dramatic […]

Loose Skin On Tummy

Loose skin on the tummy is something that many people have to live with, and it is an entirely normal body complaint. It is when the area around the abdomen has a large amount of loose, sagging skin, and it can affect both men and women of all ages. Those who suffer from loose skin […]

Loose Skin On Flanks

The flanks are a common area of complaint for many men and women as they are often prone to collecting excess fat and loose skin. Loose skin can occur on almost any area of the body; however, due to gravity doing its thing, the area at the side of the waist often holds more loose […]

Loose Skin On Back

Keeping the body happy and healthy is an ongoing process, and it is only normal to experience changes over time. Loose skin on the back can be one of these changes and results in sagging skin around the back of the body. This is a very common symptom for both men and women and is […]