The Daily Mail and GMTV feature Toyah Willcox discussing her Vaser and Macrolane treatments performed by Dr Mike Comins

Surely it’s every woman’s dream – to regain the pert bottom of her youth. That was the goal for pop star Toyah Willcox who, at 50, has become the first person in Britain to have an injectable bottom lift – cosmetic surgery that claims to give definition to the buttocks. Toyah lives with musician husband Robert Fripp, 62. Here, SADIE NICHOLAS asks her if the £6,000 procedure was money well spent – or a bum deal …
To say that I am pro-cosmetic surgery is perhaps too strong. Yes, I had a facelift five years ago and I’ve been quite open about my desire to have a tummy tuck – at my age my skin’s losing its elasticity, so I believe more nips and tucks are inevitable.
But the reason I have cosmetic surgery is because I love my career. Having work done on your face and body goes hand in hand with showbusiness, because you have to ensure you look good for your age.

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