Dr Comins invited to speak at Advanced Liposuction Techniques meeting in USA

“It would be an honor to have you speak here.  I’ve only asked three of the over 125 surgeons we’ve taught to speak here, because of the quality of your work!    Thank you!  We expect ~150 + to attend!”

– John A Millard, MD, Millard Plastic Surgery Center

The Advanced Body Sculpting Institute was founded by John Millard, MD in September 2005 on the knowledge, foresight and fortuity that liposculpture training was an undiscovered opportunity in its current state.

Although liposuction is currently the number one performed surgical procedure in the United States, it is based primarily on an increasing demand for the procedure by those seeking a thinner body versus any technological advancements and guarantees of ultimate success. Over the past thirty years, fundamentally both the technique and the technology have not had any significant changes.

It is the mission of the Advanced Body Sculpting Institute to capitalize on any new advances in liposculpture technology and create as much change in the industry as in each potential body form. The latest advancements in ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty and laser lipoplasty technology are included in our courses.