Like bad cosmetic surgery, the telltale effects of bad Botox are all too obvious, whether it’s a marble-smooth forehead, a startled expression, the inability to frown or a drooping brow. Despite all this, the popularity of the wrinkle-freezing toxin shows no sign of waning.

What is changing, however, is the new trend for “baby Botox”, a less-is-more approach that leaves faces looking relaxed, but mobile.

Getting a subtle result from Botox involves finding a good practitioner. Despite scare stories, Botox is pretty safe and as a prescribed medicine is more thoroughly tested and regulated than most wrinkle-filling substances. What is less regulated is the army of people who inject it, although recent guidelines from the General Medical Council (doctors must now directly assess patients who are to have Botox rather than prescribing the drug for someone else to inject) aim to reduce the number of ”cowboy” injectors.

Dr Mike Comins. Authoritative, hugely competent, a founding-associate of BACD ‘ and is listed in the article as one of the 10 best practitioners of Botox injections in the UK.”