How to prepare for your video consultation

Your first virtual consultation might feel intimidating, but it shouldn’t worry you one bit. With some preparation, you can be sure to have a great consultation and finish the session satisfied, and not feeling like the technology was at all a hindrance to connecting with us.

  1. Choosing an Appropriate Setting & Technology

What you will need:

  • Works best with a desk or laptop with a camera. You can also use a tablet or smart phone with a camera.
  • a stable internet connection
  • private area

Plan ahead to make sure that you have a private setting for the entire duration of the appointment. Most clients have the appointment in their home. If you are going to be at work, you might want to schedule the appointment during your lunch break so that you can step away easily.


  1. 2. Logging in.


We will email login details before your consultation. You can visit our virtual public waiting room anytime and access all the information within it. Within our public waiting room you will see the reception area icon. Click on this and you will access our secure private waiting area for Dr Mike Comins. Please try to log into this secure area 5 minutes before your appointment. (you will be given a login password via email to access this secure area).

Within our public waiting room, you can access plenty of information including.

  • Clinic information
  • Before and after photos
  • Practice and treatment videos
  • Treatment information


  1. Do you have access to reliable internet?

Having fast, reliable internet is integral to a video consultation. If your bandwidth/speed is slow, the video will lag and cut out causing a frustrating experience.  If you live in an area where the internet is slow, don’t worry as we can organise a telephone consult with photos  please contact if you would prefer a telephone consult.




  1. Video Tips

If Dr Comins can’t see you well, it will make it more difficult for him to conduct a proper online video consultation.

  • Try to maximise front-facing lighting, and minimise lighting behind you.
  • Try to have most of your upper torso visible, from about your abdomen and up including your arms.
  • If using a phone, prop it up on a stable surface to make it steadier (refrain from holding it). A stable image would be very much appreciated by Dr Comins and will help you take your mind off having to hold your phone.




During your consultation is for Vaser Liposuction or Renuvion it is likely you will be asked to show Dr Comins areas of your body that you are interested in treating. For your comfort you are very welcome to have a Chaperone with you during your video consultation but please remember you will be asked about your medical history.