Vaser Lipo Hi-Def & Mid-Def FAQs

The key points of Vaser Hi and Mid Def are:

  • It is performed using local anaesthesia ( with optional IV sedation) as a day case.
  • It is specifically tailored to your body enhancing your existing abdominal and torso muscles, resulting in a natural athletic appearance.
  • It doesn’t sculpt the muscles out of fat or etch the lines into the skin.
  • For Women; by highlighting the vertical lines of the rectus, the waist line, the V groin and the hips;
  • For Men; the pecs, six pack, the obliques (sides) and serratus muscles and the groin V.
  • It is a safe, exacting and reliable technique.
  • The use of VASER assisting the fat extraction, helps enable more precise contouring, and also diminishing the swelling and bruises in the postoperative period.
  • Small and hidden incisions.
  • For patients with mild to moderate skin laxity we recommend combining vaser with Renuvion.

What is the difference between Vaser Hi Def and Vaser 4D?

Dr Mike Comins explains ‘ This is a good question and one I am often asked’: Some doctors recommend injections of fat into the abdominal muscles to bulk them up. I explored this some years ago and in my experience, patients found it very painful both during and after the treatment. I perform all my treatments at Hans place Practice using just local anaesthetic (+/- conscious sedation). I therefore recommend that patients wanting intra muscular fat injections to see a consultant surgeon with hospital admitting rights who can offer the treatment with general anaesthetic, proper post op recovery facilities and overnight hospital stay if required. I can only be guided by my results and patient feedback and even though my operating technique and aftercare advice has evolved and moved on since my initial Hi Def training, for now, I still prefer to call my vaser technique, Hi Def.

So what is best Vaser 4D or Hi Def?

I can only recommend that patients do their research, attend a few consultations with doctors offering Vaser 4D and Hi Def, look at their before and after portfolios, patient feedback surveys and testimonials etc, ask about side effects and complications and then decide for themselves.

Vaser lipo and Vaser Mid Def are the same cost and are priced per body area i.e upper abdomen, lower abdomen, flanks (love handles),upper back( bra strap fat pads) male chest (man boobs), buttocks, inner thighs. front of thighs, outer thighs (saddle bags), chin and jowls (double chin), neck, armpits (axilla), arms (bingo wings), knees, calves and ankles. All prices are discussed during your consultation with Dr Comins.