Chin augmentation and shaping

Close up portrait of healthy man with black hair, strong features, looking firmly into the camera

Augmenting and reshaping the chin is relatively straight forward and have dramatic affects on the aesthetics of the male face.  A strong and well proportioned chin, jawline ( sometimes known as the Texas Jawline),  brow and cheek bones are widely perceived to be attractive traits on a male face.  Volumising fillers such as the Juvederm range,  Volux, Volift or Voluma can be used ( with a needle or cannula) to define and augment these areas in an office based setting.  If fat around the jowls or beneath the chin is an issue then  Vaser lipo and/or Renuvion can be used to help with this.

Facial tightening treatments such as Ultracel or Intracel can also be used.


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