So HUMBLE and honest (Dr Comins)

My vaser lipo and Renuvion Treatment was on the 2nd October 2020 I decided to go with Dr Comins as I saw him on ITV this morning, he is also within the top 3 surgeons. My initial consultation was in August when I first spoke to DR Comins such a HUMBLE person, durning my consultation Dr Comins mentioned that I would get better results from having a tummy tuck, but this was not a treatment that he did, and I really didn’t want a tummy tuck because of the recovery time and the scar as I already have one scar from my two C sections, so I decided to go ahead with Dr Comins. From the second day when I managed to remove my compression garment I was absolutely amazed at what Dr Comins had achieved, my stomach was so flat, I haven’t seen my stomach like this for over 14 years before my children, I was so emotional this gave me a massive confidence boost. As the days went on the results have got better and better and is giving me the motivation to join a gym again (as soon as they open) right now I’m on a massive high. Today I have my face to face follow up with Dr Comins and all is extremely fine. Dr Comins, Kelechi and Shazia are an outstanding team for their excellent service, support and emotional encouragement which they have given me I can’t thank them enough. Ms T. Patel

- Higgins Higgins

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