Please... of course, do your research.... but trust me....

My journey started years ago with wanting to get rid of my abdomen and flanks stubborn fat which I couldn’t get rid of despite a decent clean diet and ongoing specific exercises and classes. This was a scary thing at first seeing the amount of doctors offering liposuction all over the UK and not knowing who and where to choose. So, following many months of research both on trustpilot, independent reviews and many website reviews it was very apparent very quickly that Dr Comins was by far the most trusted, professional clinician who (from his own patient feedback) obtained the best results throughout. He offered the most up to date clinical procedures which not only offered liposuction but the new to market thermal treatment to tighten skin following suction. Although London was by no means close to my home in the Midlands I wanted the best I could find… so London it was!!! After a very professional and friendly consultation we agreed times and dates. What followed was weeks of constant COVID monitoring, information giving and explanations of exactly what would be happening from admission to the clinic to discharge. The day before the of procedure everything was rechecked with regards to COVID etc and we were ready. The day of the surgery was obviously exciting but slightly nervous however Mike, Dr Vora, Shazia, Keli and Caitlin put me at instant ease….. I was prepped, sedated and awoke 3 hours later pain free ( thank you Dr Vora!!!) and surgically bound up ready for home. I have followed the pre and post procedure to the letter and although I am only2 weeks 2 days post op I can see the most remarkable difference. I look (already) like I’ve wished to look in years. I cannot thank them enough and I know it’s only going to get better over the next few months. Please… of course, do your research….but I can truthfully say you’re very unlikely to find any practice as wonderfully professional or a doctor so talented and astonishing at what he does. Thank you for allowing me to look and feel as I do xxx

- Sharon

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