Honest Consultation

I saw Dr. Comins as a 2nd Opinion. During the consultation he examined me and advised that he knew what I wanted but my expectations would not be met. He agreed with the opinions of the first Surgeon and advised that although in theory the procedure could go ahead, I would not be happy. I admit that I was surprised as I did not think that my request was unachievable but the truth of the matter is Surgeons are not ‘Miracle Workers’. If your body is in fairly good condition, you will get great results but my body is far, far from ‘normal’. Bearing in mind Surgery is not a ‘quick fix’, results are not instantaineous and it takes approximately 6-12 months for the final outcome and corrections may not be possible. An average person cannot be turned into a Supermodel and of course I realise that! I understand that Dr. Comins is one of the top 3 Surgeons for Vaser in London and although I went away quite upset at his blunt honesty, I am extremely grateful he didn’t waste his or my time or try to fleece me of my money with false hope, something I am sure other Surgeons would have no qualms in doing…. The quotes for procedures under both Surgeons was near identical in anycase and I am confident after speaking to Dr. Comins my original decision was right. My suggestion to anyone is to look them up, book consultations with all three and come to your own conclusions.

- CC

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