Published 26 Jun 2020
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I would highly recommend Dr Comins for Vaser

I would highly recommend Dr Comins and Hans Place to anyone looking to get Vaser treatment. I waited for a few months to post an accurate review on my vaser treament and results with Dr Comins at Hans Place in February 2020. Highly professional, respectful and consistent. There was always someone available for to speak to me regardless of the circumstances. Dr Comins did not try to hard sell the vaser prodecure to me. Dr Comins gave a honest consultation and a clear picture of what to expect, his expertise very outstanding during the consult he works with you and what you would like to achieve. Professionalism/ bedside manner: 10/10 Results 10/10 beautiful results, abdomen looks flat with no irregularities. . Environment at Hans: 10/10 Friendly team, clean and welcoming practice. Pain post Op: Bareable, on the worst days for me 5/10 felt like a intense work out for first 3 days. Brusing: Hardly any post operatively only on subsided after 7 days Scaring/keloids: none ----------------------------------------------------- Pre procedure: From the first meeting in Nov 2019 until my procedure date, in Feb 2020 Dr Comins and his team have been welcoming and professional . Dr Comins provided a thorough understanding of what was required pre/post operatively. I have a disability, Dr Mike carried numerous checks before committing to my treatment, whichade me feel safe and that he cared about my wellbeing, including having me meet with the anesthetist before the procedure which provided a secondary check. Post op. Dr Comins has an outstanding beside manner and he contacted me within 24hrs of the proceedure. The team at Hans have been available despite of the COVID 19, I still was given first class follow up care. Dr Comins pride in his work and expertise has been reflected in my results, exceeding my expectations. I look great and my clothes fit wonderfully. I feel confident again. I would recommend to anyone looking for a vaser provider Thank you Dr Comins team Hans Place.

Published 26 May 2019
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Dr Comins and his team did a great job

Dr Comins and his team did a great job. Very relaxed professional and discreet atmosphere at the clinic where you have consultations and surgery. I had vaser on my upper arms which had been bothering me for many years despite exercise and diet. Dr Comins was realistic about what could be achieved and the surgery was painless and quick. After care instructions simple to follow. I am four weeks post procedure and the results are already showing. I am glad I went to someone who has so much experience in the procedure. I cant wait for the swelling to completely go and my defined arms to be there. I recommend Hans Place without reservation.

Published 23 Apr 2019
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Great experience of vaser lipo

Great experience of vaser lipo. Dr Mike is very knowledgable and gives his honest opinion about what can be done. The anaesthetists who did the iv sedation were fantastic with no pain or after effects. I needed a small touch up on a bit of scar tissue which was sorted out a few months down the line. Nothing was too much trouble for the practice and I would highly recommend!

Published 20 Mar 2019
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Delighted with the clarity of advice, process, experience and results so far. Hopefully the weeks from here proceed Dr Mike Comins is excellent!

Published 7 Mar 2019
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You will not be disappointed!

I honestly have to say that Dr Mike Comins is amazing at what he does and is arguably the best in the field in my opinion. He is not only a surgeon but a genius in this art and a perfectionist which is evident in his work. I am extremely pleased with the results I have so far with my lipo, and I am excited to see the full results after my final procedure. The only regret I have is that I didn't have this done years ago. I have no doubts about Dr Comins’s ability and would recommend him highly to anyone that is interested in getting vaser liposuction done. The entire team at Hans Place are welcoming and friendly. They genuinely care for their patients, this is apparent with the high level of customer service provided. If you decide to move forward with this procedure with Dr Comins, trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Published 23 Jan 2019
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Don’t waste years . Do it .

As a fifty something post menopausal woman. I had lost confidence in the way I looked. I suddenly found myself with rolls and pockets of fat that no amount of diet or exercise could erase. I have always maintained a pretty healthy lifestyle so found this unwanted change very uncomfortable. I did a lot of research and soul searching. ( am I being ridiculous at my age , is this vanity? Etc) . After two years of not being comfortable in my skin and clothes I decided to take the plunge and do something about it. Something for myself to make me feel better and get my confidence back. After looking through various options I decided Vaser lipo seemed the right choice for me. Then came the hard part . Who to choose. I had numerous consultations, read so many reviews. Then I came across Mike Commins at Hans Place. Mike made me feel so comfortable and spoke to me like I mattered. He listened to my concerns and quickly put me at ease. There was no pressure just great advice and realistic views. Needless to say I decided to have the procedure. I cannot tell you what a great decision that was. 3 months later on holiday I wore a swimsuit, but let me tell you I could have worn a bikini . I am absolutely thrilled with my results. My clothes fit as they used to and how wonderful not have the horrible roll of fat when I bend forward. Thankyou Mike from the bottom of my heart . I have my mojo back. I must also mention the marvellous Vicky and all the other staff for making me feel so welcome and calming any nerves that I had. My only regret was not finding Mike sooner .

Published 18 Dec 2018
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Vaser Liposuction abdomen

I have been very unhappy with the shape of my upper and lower abdomen for many years. I try and visit the gym 2 to 3 times each week and generally follow a healthy diet. However despite numerous attempts to improve my abdomen shape I have failed. This additional weight around my waist has affected shopping for stylish clothing and also swimwear. I decided to research the various options to help improve the abdomen and inner thighs. I discovered Dr Comins at Hans Place and was very impressed with his portfolio of before and after photos. I attended a consultation with Dr Comins in relation to having vaser liposuction given its lesser recovery time than other surgery. Dr Comins was polite, genuine and honest about the results I could expect. Shortly following my consultation I agreed to have the procedure. I am 3 weeks post op. Just had vaser lipo on upper and lower abdomen, flanks and back. The procedure went well. I had IV sedation and slept throughout. Honestly I was sore for about 4 to 5 days where I had difficulty stretching back and getting up and down out of a chair or bed. Painkillers helped to manage the pain well. Returned to work 1 week after and was also driving within 4 to 5 days. The results so far are very impressive I cant believe where all the excess has disappeared to! Saw Dr Comins today who advised that my abdomen is still swollen and it will look much better given time. I know that Dr Comins will ensure that the final result is to his satisfaction and I have the utmost confidence in his experience and skill in vaser lipo. Returning end of January to have second procedure. So far I'm very impressed with whole experience and of course my much flatter abdomen! Shopping for clothes will become far more enjoyable. Looking forward to getting other procedure done in January. Based on my experience so far I would definitely recommend Dr Comins for vaser lipo. He is one of the most skilled and experienced vaser lipo physicians in the UK.

Published 14 Dec 2018
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Excellent results

I am very pleased with my vaser liposuction results to the abdomen and flanks. As a lean and fit female in her late 40s who had a few areas to refine, it was very important for me to find a surgeon that wasn't just removing fat, but someone who was very detail oriented, experienced and truly interested in providing an aesthetically pleasing result. In my opinion, Dr. Comins has certainly met and exceeded my expectations. He is not just a surgeon, but an artist. I would highly recommend him without hesitation.

Published 24 Oct 2018
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Best decision ever...

I had Vaser Lipo at Hans Place Practice 2 weeks ago and I have to say from the very moment I booked the appointment I felt very welcome and very looked after, I was informed in great detail about the surgery and aftercare and have to say it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I feel very happy so far as to how the Vaser Lipo has made me look even though it’s only been a short time the results I have this far are amazing. Dr Mike Comins is by far the best in his field and I wouldn’t hesitate to book again in the future. I would definitely recommend Hans Place Practice and Dr Mike Comins to anyone that was interested in Vaser Lipo.

Published 3 Oct 2018
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Highly recommend- Vaser Lipo- Abdomen and back

Dr. Comins is brilliant, really thoughtful and considerate and takes the time to listen to your concerns. I highly recommend him, not only for the fantastic work he does but the fact that he was very attentive and considerate of all my questions from consultation to well after the procedure! He was very thorough when I went in for the first consultation and he did not disappoint ever. Vicky and the support staff are delightful as well. My procedure went really well and the after care was very clear, Dr. Comins was always available and attentive after my procedure. My results were not optimal to Dr. Comins and so he suggested we have a revision procedure which we did. He could've easily left me with the results I had as they were not bad but he said I could look much better. Please note that I had quite a lot of abdominal fat to begin with! The revision went well and I'm happy with results. I would highly recommend Dr. Comins!

Published 21 Jul 2018
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just go for it.

In short, if you know Dr. Mike Comins works in the UK. you don't need to go somewhere else and when you do you don't want to go somewhere else. because he is me you won't regret.

Published 12 Jul 2018
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Outstanding Results : Dr Comins

A heart felt thank you to Dr Comins and he’s team. Dr Comins skill is not only in Vaser Ultrasound treatment, although he is clearly an expert at that, but in working closely with he’s clients to evolve their look. I was absolutely thrilled with my results. After my procedure ( tummy and legs ) I had very little bruising and not much swelling either, both of which disappeared within a week! Dr Comins team make you feel totally relaxed and welcomed the moment you step into the office. I cant recommend him highly enough.

Published 20 Jun 2018
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Amazing practice, amazing surgeon - amazing results

As my first ever cosmetic surgery, I was bricking it. But I had absolutely no reason - Dr Mike Comins is a complete professional, and at my consultation he was incredible at putting any fears to rest. The staff there are all friendly and lovely too, and I am over the moon with the results of my vaser lipo. I can honestly say this is one of the best decisions I've ever made, but only because Hans Place Practice contributed a combination of fantastic factors to help me with this life-changing choice. I can't recommend Hans Place Practice enough, thank you again for turning what could have been a scary situation into one of the best experiences of my life.

Published 5 Jun 2018
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I had Vaser lipo in my stomach

I had Vaser lipo in my stomach, hips and flanks. Dr Mike Comins is completely professional with great results and a friendly manner. You feel you are in safe hands. The results are fantastic. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Comins.

Published 31 May 2018
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Over the Moon!!!

Dr Mike, Vicky and the rest of the team are fantastic, approachable, supportive and down to earth. I had vaserlipo of my upper and lower abdomen and flanks and opted for sedation as this is a large area and then had my inner thighs done at a later date under local anaesthetic. I am a nurse and both procedures were carried out in a safe, clinical environment. The anaesthetist was extremely pleasant and professional and put me at ease and sedation was quick and painless, treatment under a local was bearable but uncomfortable at times. Dr Mike clearly explained treatment options in a non pushy way along with what results could be expected. I am over the moon with my new shape which I do not believe could be achieved through diet and excercise has far exceeded my expectations!!! Pricing was very reasonable and value for money. Aftercare was superb and I was back at work in a couple of days. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Mike and the Hans Practice, A* on all aspects!!! A truly professional and caring service!!!

Published 14 Feb 2018
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I eat healthy 80% of the time and I’m…

I eat healthy 80% of the time and I’m very sporty. At 5’9 and size 10-12 I know I’m not huge but all my weight went straight to my stomach and it would get me really down. I’d find myself dressing to hide it and would always sit with my arms crossed over my middle. I’ve been talking of having vaser lipo on my abdomen for years and researched it to death. It was a big deal to me, I am not somebody who has the time or the money to spare but on the approach to my 40th I decided now or never! My intention was to have 3 consultations and I contacted Hans place and 2 others. From the start Hans place came across as the most professional, friendly and efficient so I booked that consultation first and never even booked the others!! Dr Commins was so personable and caring I knew I wanted him to do it. He encouraged me to sleep on the decision which I did and booked the next day. 2 weeks later I was in! The clinic is very clean and comfortable and the nurse really put me at ease. I opted not to have the anaesthetist so had a local anaesthetic and oral sedative. The procedure took about 3 hours and was bearable but uncomfortable. I got the train home and spent 3 days at home relaxing. By day 2 I managed a short walk and by day 4 I had returned to work. I was back in the gym within a week doing gentle exercises. I am still in the 6 month recovery period and am so far extremely happy with the result. I have lost 3 inches from my waist and feel so much less self conscious. I have been for my check up and Dr Commins has suggested he would like to see me again to perhaps do a little more to it. To me that shows how committed he is to his craft and I am fully confident in him that the end result will be life changing for me. I can not recommend Hans Clinic more.

Published 31 Jan 2018
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Fantastic from beginning to end!

I recently had my procedure at Hans Place Practice under Dr Comins. He was professional from beginning to end. His team, including Vicky, Natalia and Miles are wonderful and I would not hesitate in recommending Dr Comins to anyone.

Published 22 Jan 2018
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Friendly and professional

Friendly and professional

Published 20 Jan 2018
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Great experience overall

I was happy with my treatment and the outcomes. Dr Comins really takes pride in his work. As such, he goes the extra mile to ensure all treatments are of a high standard. He is genuinely concerned about client satisfaction and so provides an excellent follow up service to ensure that you are happy with the treatment and to help you get the best results.

Published 13 Jan 2018
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Vaser liposuction with Hans Practice

I had vaser liposuction on my upper and lower abdomen and my flanks about four weeks ago and I am extremely pleased with the results, so far. It will take up to six month for the full results to manifest itself. Dr Comins is a good combination of professional and friendly and I immediately felt at ease during my consultation. He talked me through the full process, including what to do and expect before, during and after the surgery. He did not gloss over the healing process and the soreness i would feel, which meant I was prepared. On the day of the surgery, he again talked me through the full procedure and of course everything went smoothly. I had a follow up a couple of days afterwards and another three weeks post surgery. My final follow up will be in a couple of months. I took all of Dr Comins' recommendations onboard including the supplements, eating healthy, wearing my compression garment and having manual lymphatic drainage massage, which all means my results look amazing!

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