Published 12 Jun 2019
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Very Professional

Very Professional. Very Happy the results. Highly recommended

Published 2 Jun 2019
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One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

I felt compelled to write a review after enjoying a beautiful sunny weekend outside and for the first time ever I felt comfortable and relaxed in my own skin wearing tea shirts and even sunbathing with no top! I’ve never been particularly vain but have never really liked my body, I work out, drink occasionally and eat ok but I’ve always had man boobs, love handles and a layer of fat on my abdomen that wouldn’t shift. After months of procrastination and research I decided to have Vaser Lipo on my chest, abdomen and flanks at the end of last year. I didn’t want a highly sculpted look so I opted for mid def. I was concerned, as pointed out by Dr Comins that I would need my chest glands surgically removed as vaser doesn’t always work well with on certain chests without it. I needn’t have worried the results are spot on. Furthermore the treatment gave me a real motivation to up my gym regime which has really enhanced the effects and I also feel so much better in myself. Best decision I’ve made.

Published 24 Apr 2019
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A thoroughly professional

A thoroughly professional , very patient friendly . Could not find oneself in better hands . Thank you Dr Mike and your excellent team .

Published 4 Feb 2019
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Just go to Hans Place - do not waste your time elesewhere!

Last December I underwent the Vaser Lipo procedure (abdomen and flanks) at Hans Place. The choice of the clinic was based on the results of an extensive internet search and personal recommendations from people and patients who had met and/or worked with Dr Comins. During the initial consultation, Dr Comins came across as someone genuinely interested in understanding the patient’s aspirations and willing to provide a professional, honest and direct feedback and advice. When I left, he invited me to think about the procedure and if that was what I really wanted. The Vaser Lipo went very smoothly with practically no discomfort. I did take a mild sedative and was fully awake throughout the procedure. After care instructions were extremely detailed and covered the whole range of discomforts and issues that patients may experiences during the very first days after the Vaser Lipo. The recovery was pretty fast and 2 days after the procedure I was able to walk at normal pace. The results of the Vaser Lipo were visible after a couple of days after the procedure and they become more pronounced over time as the swelling subsidies. Patience is key as the swelling can take some months before subsidising completely and bring to light the full results. Along with Dr Comins, Vicky is someone worthwhile mentioning as she plays a decisive role in the end-to-end customer experience at Hans Place. Vicky is the smiley, welcoming and efficient lady who welcomes you on the phone and at the reception. She is often the first person you will meet when get into Hans Place and she makes you feel home. Her attention to details and to the customer satisfaction is superb! My advice to anyone reading this review is: do not to waste your time (and money) meeting other surgeons or visiting other Vaser Lipo clinics in London. Just go to Hans Place and give yourself the chance to meet Dr Comins. I am pretty sure that, if you decide to progress with the procedure, Hans Place will be your choice.

Published 15 Oct 2018
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Dr Mike Comins is a total professional…

Dr Mike Comins is a total professional and completely focused on the patients interest and best results possible..

Published 19 Sep 2018
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First ever surgery...

First ever surgery and so was an extremely difficult decision. Once I had the courage to investigate options, the problem then was where do I go (I didn't want to let anyone know and so couldn't ask for advice) ...I was on my own! Having searched the internet, it became obvious it's primarily about the surgeon rather than the place/practice itself. There were two doctors that appeared to the leading in Vaser - Dr Mike Comins and another. Given Hans Place was a smaller / more bespoke practice, I had assumed it would be much more expensive and so I went to see the other doctor first - he was quick to go straight into the options and offered good advice albeit it did feel a bit rushed. The cost however was much higher than expected and so I needed a second opinion and comparison hence I approached Dr Comins. The personalised experience started from the moment I arrived. Greeted by Vicky and immediately after by Dr Commins (no waiting). It felt much more my style, Dr Comins listened to what I wanted, was honest with what was achievable, risks etc. I knew instantly I wanted to go with Dr Comins although was waiting for the cost to hit me! To much surprise, it was almost half the cost of the other place (no joke). I took all the info away, considered very carefully and decided to go for it. Having had the surgery (3 months ago), I can honestly say the experience has been first class, I've never felt so confident and aftercare is great. Genuine thanks to Dr Comins, Vicky and Sharon (who does the MLD messages) - amazing team. Whilst I don't plan on doing anything else, I'd trust Dr Comins with anything in the future. Thank you. RZ

Published 16 May 2018
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A+ Doctor, Clinic, and Practice

Dr Mike is a true professional and a master of his craft. His knowledge on all things Vaser is truly impressive, as is his execution. From the consultation to the actual procedure and after, he has been there to answer every question fully and put you at ease. The actual Vaser operation (I had flanks, abdominal, and lower back done) is quick and painless especially with the IV sedation. I was back to work the next day, and within a couple days back to pretty much normal life routine. The aftercare was exhaustive and brilliant and his entire team is there to support your recovery. Results were better than expected, and I wouldn't hesitate one second to recommend Dr Mike and Hans Place Practice. Truly A+ on all fronts.

Published 27 Apr 2018
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JUST DO IT!!! Take the plunge -you'll be happy you did!

JUST DO IT!!! Mike and Vicky (reception) are superb as people both approachable and down to earth, that's so important to put you at ease. I would recommend them to the Royal family or my local bar lady! Mike is all about getting you to the place you want to be with your body. He is amazing. He refuses high definition on numerous patients. He explained to me as I have a PT/play squash and tennis it would be ok to get a six pack. He is master at it and an artist. I was reading about people going abroad for surgery and just think that is CRAZY. Your body is precious. It's not a piece of jewellery - its your 24/7 calling card, don't risk or barter with it! Book in, put it on a credit card or on finance and be happy with your body because when you feel that way everything is just easier. Earning more money, feeling sexy and just walking down the street all becomes more of a pleasure. I am taking my female mate there and I just know Mike will give non-pushy honest advice.

Published 9 Mar 2018
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Excellent team

Excellent team, Mike, Vicky and the Massage Therapist Sue all have delivered a fantastic service. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Published 18 Feb 2018
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Dr Mike Comins is the Michelangelo of Vaser

I came to Dr Mike Comins and Hans Place practice after several years working out, but at 52 I was having trouble removing those stubborn rolls of flab around the abs and love handles. I wanted the lean, sculpted look but also wanted a life to go with it. That’s when I investigated Vaser. My early research didn’t go too well. I paid £150 for a consultation to a well-known Vaser consultant who practices in Harley Street, only to have to wait weeks for their proposal, which ended up being expensive. I decided to look abroad and obtained a better price from a surgeon in Poland. My mind wasn’t quite made up though about going abroad for the treatment, for fear around the quality of any procedure and after care. This is when I came across Hans Place. Being located behind Harrods I assumed it was probably going to be as expensive as the first Harley Street practice but thought I would get a second opinion in UK before finally making up my mind. I am glad I did my research because the service and quality of result I received from Dr Mike Comins and his team was exemplary. I paid for consultation and the doctor examined me and we discussed options for mid def. After my consultation the secretary had a full proposal ready for me within a few minutes, ready for me to take away and have a think. What was nice was that my consultation fee was refunded as well (not the case with the other Vaser surgeon). And when I looked at the proposal, the costs were on a par with the offer from the Poland surgeon. So, it is just not true that going abroad is always cheaper. I left the consultation knowing that I had found a top-notch surgeon, who was not pushy and where the pricing was fair and reasonable and certainly not extortionate. My booking procedure with Vicky, the office manager was great too and she sent me all prep instructions for surgery and managed my expectations in the run up to surgery. On the day of surgery Dr Mike and the anesthetist sat me down and we went through the surgery and post-operative recovery. I was marked up for areas I wanted treated and all I remember next is that I woke up with a compression garment around me. I had upper and lower abs, flanks and some fat around the chest/armpit. For the first two nights at home Dr. Mike called me to check on how I was doing. I went back to the clinic after 5 days to have drains and stiches removed, which was painless. I am now 9 days post surgery. The first few days were a little rough but bearable and then I had the post-surgical swelling but that has died down considerably. I think Dr Mike Comins is the Michelangelo of Vaser. Not only does he know his craft, but he genuinely cares for his patients and has a team of people at the practice who also care. If you are reading this, worried about whether you should or should not have Vaser, I say make an appointment to see Dr Mike Comins. He really is the very best. The result I have I could never have achieved with any exercise or diet regime alone. Thank you Hans Place

Published 13 Feb 2018
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Outstanding treatment and exceptional care and professionalism.....

I cannot commend Dr Mike Comins and his practice highly enough. At the initial consultation Mike was totally realistic regarding the outcome of Vaserlipo procedures, as to what was possible, what the likely outcome would be and he readily explained the pros and cons and answered my many questions! I knew, having done my research, that he would not take me on if he felt he could not achieve a good result, and I was impressed by his seriousness and professionalism. The procedure went very well, and Mike left no stone unturned to ensure that the procedure and the final result was as successful as possible. Being quite courageous I chose the procedure without sedation. which to be honest was uncomfortable but was bearable, though I would recommend stretching to sedation if one can! The follow up and ongoing care was truly excellent, combining MLD therapy, antibiotics. Most unusually, I picked up an infection, a risk with any invasive procedure, but Mike’s care and kindness ensured this was properly and totally dealt with. Post operative treatment was also excellent, with the treatment of a few little areas of stubborn fat with Aqualyx which was injected under the skin. Even Mike was amazed by the final result, with a torso that looks decades younger. The result exceeded my expectations and I am truly delighted with the result. Dr Mike Comins and his Hans Place Practice team have been fantastic and I cannot thank them enough. They are warm, friendly and with Dr Mike Comins, one is in very safe hands. I would recommend him and the Practice without reservation.

Published 8 Feb 2018
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Highly recommended. Fantastic Practice

I have been highly impressed with Hans Place Practice from my initial consultation. Dr Comins answered all of my questions within the consultation and any that I had thereafter. In-depth guidance is given for post Hi Def Procedure and follow ups take place within the practice. Staff at Hans Place Practice are exceptional, very friendly, informative and helpful which puts you at ease (especially Vicky). Dr Comins is very professional and highly skilled at his job, I would therefore without any doubt highly recommend Hans Place Practice.

Published 12 Dec 2017
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Dr Commins and his team are the best in Vaser High Definition Lipo....

Dr Commins and his team have a very personal and amazing service. I surveyed several other surgeons before choosing Hans Place and I am so glad I chose Dr Commins he really delivered what he promised and he has been truly committed for you to get the best result. I highly recommend his services. What I loved the most is that all services are done in house in and out without the need to go to another place like a Hospital. Thanks Dr Commins and team for an amazing result.

Published 23 Nov 2017
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A first rate service that truly …

A first rate service that truly inspires confidence

Published 11 Nov 2017
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Dr Mike Comins

Dr Mike Comins is amazing. His experience is apparent by his professional approach, understanding of all my concerns and of course the results. I had VaserLipo. Each step was exactly as explained to me and all questions before and after the procedure were answered in detail. My confidence is at an all time high thanks to Dr Comins skills. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Published 19 Oct 2017
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Excellent experience.

Lovely practice and calming environment. Staff are very friendly and accommodating. The service provided is outstanding, the before and after care is tailored to your needs. The procedure is talked through properly and I was kept informed throughout the process.

Published 7 Sep 2017
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Returning customer

This is the second time that I used this practice, I was very satisfied with the results the first time so I went back for another treatment. I am glad to see that the level of service is of the same high standard and am very pleased with the overall experience.

Published 7 Sep 2017
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Excellent. Dr Mike has a sense for exactly what is needed and as always I am delighted.

Published 15 Mar 2017
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Great results and great service

Had a number of procedures done over two sessions including flanks, upper and Lower abs, chest and neck. Results after 8 weeks are great and that's still with some swelling so hopeful that it will be even better. Dr Comins and his team have been very helpful throughout so very pleased all round so far.

Published 22 Feb 2017
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The best in London

Prior to having Vaser lipsoction, I thoroughly researched nearly all places in London where this is available. After several consultations, I found Hans Place. Dr. Mike Comins, is a leading expert in this area. He trains other surgeons on the procedure. Despite this, the price was more than competitive. Dr Mike reassured me in our consultation and answered all of my questions. I have to say, I am delighted with the result (I am a 44 year old male, and have a beautiful stomach thanks to Mike). The follow up consultations are excellent, no extra charge. Hans Place is a very convenient location, there is parking and it is close to the Tube. The whole team are excellent, I could not have asked for more from them, they are friendly and professional and really look after you. If anyone is considering a procedure, go and see Dr Mike and I am sure you will choose him over anyone else you have seen or considered. Richard

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