Imagine if you could obtain a cleavage as ample as that of a Victoria’s Secret model without going under the knife or stuffing your bra with off-putting chicken fillets. Imagine if all it took to swell from diminutive Kate Moss mounds to generous Scarlett Johansson curves was an injection. Well, the “boob job in a jab” is now a reality, thanks to one of the latest body-contouring treatments to arrive in the UK.

Created by Q-Med, the Swedish company behind the popular wrinkle-eraser Restylane, Macrolane was initially launched in Europe as a correctional filler for body indentations. It wasn’t until it was used in Japan 3½ years ago that it really found its niche, offering a nation of comparatively flat-chested women the chance to increase their breast size without surgery, scarring or hospital downtime. So far, about 30,000 Japanese women have chosen Macrolane to boost their assets.