The Sunday mail Features the new pearl laser

Dr Mike Comins is the official medical expert for PEARL. Please contact the clinic if you require any further information on this new treatment

So you think it’s just wrinkles that make you look older? Think again. A new study has shown that blotchy, uneven and dull skin can add up to twenty years to your apparent age, even if your face isn’t lined or sagging.

Researchers from the University of Vienna used a computer programme to create a virtual model with different skin tones taken from real women aged 10 to 70.
The scientists then removed any wrinkles and drooping jowls, and asked 400 volunteers to rate the faces by age.

Those with the most even colour were considered the youngest and most attractive.
But for many of us age spots caused by sun damage, scars left by old pimples or cuts, and malasma, brown patches caused by hormonal changes, mean we look older than our years.

However, the study has provoked a flurry of activity in the beauty business, with new products being created to restore the clear, luminous skin of our youth.”

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