Dr Mike Comins has partnered with the world renowned Advanced Body Sculpting Institute based in USA to bring the first ever Hi Def training course to the UK. 

The following press statement was released to  the American media: April 13, 2011

ABS Institute has formally announced the engagement of Dr. Mike Comins MD and Dr. Dennis Wolf MD to lead the Advanced Body Sculpting Institute international training site.  

Denver, CO – The Advanced Body Sculpting Institute (ABS Institute) of Denver, Colorado, led by the US pioneer of VASER Assisted Hi Definition Liposculpture (VASER Hi Def), Dr. John Millard, and his Triple Board Certified partner Dr. David Broadway, is thrilled to announce the addition of a new training facility in London.

As the global leader of hands-on High Definition Liposculpture techniques and training, ABS Institute and their distinguished team are dedicated to the education of physicians worldwide.   Partnering with Dr. Mike Comins, MD and Dr. Dennis Wolf, MD, provides Eurpoean doctors the opportunity to receive hands-on basic and advanced VASER Liposculpture and Stem Cell Fat Transfer training in the UK.

As the first and third doctors to be trained in VASER High Definition Liposculpture in the UK, Dr. Mike Comins and Dr. Dennis Wolf collectively have performed more than 2,000 standard VASER procedures and nearly 200 VASER Hi Definition treatments. Additionally, both Dr. Comins and Dr. Wolf were the first to execute stem cell fat transfers in the UK, and together have performed nearly 70 breast augmentations utilizing this advanced technique.

Paving the way as the first international additions to the ABS Institute team, Dr. Comins and Dr. Wolf will lead the training facility in both basic and advanced liposculpture techniques, additionally offering training in the stem cell fat transfer technique. The courses will be administered through Dr. Wolf and Dr. Comins practice, The Private Clinic Group.

“The Private Clinic Group is proud to announce the first UK Hi Def Liposculpture Training Course in association with the world renowned Advanced Body Sculpting Institute. The course has been specifically created for physicians already advanced in liposuction techniques who wish to take their skill set to the highest level.” – Dr. Mike Comins, Medical Director and ABS Faculty Member

As an established cosmetic practitioner and the Clinical Director for the Private Clinic Group, Dr. Mike Comins is also the president and founding member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors. He is often featured in UK media and has performed more than 2500 liposuction treatments to date, has performed more VASER Liposuction treatments than anyone in the UK, and was the first doctor in the UK to be trained in VASER Hi-Def in 2008.

Dr. Dennis Wolf is also a well-known and sought after cosmetic practitioner who is one of the first involved in regenerative fat enhanced facial rejuvenation and breast augmentation. As a member of the Royal Society of Medicine, the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and the British Medical Association, Dr. Wolf is also skilled in Advanced Laser Lipolysis (SmartLipo) and is a recognized VASER trainer for Advanced VASER Lipo-Contouring.

VASER Hi-Definition Liposculpture and stem cell fat transfers are revolutionary techniques taking the cosmetic surgery industry to a new, advanced level of both skill and phenomenal aesthetic results. As the Advanced Body Sculpting Institute continues to grow and evolve, there is no better choice than to partner with the Private Clinic Group and Drs. Comins and Wolf. Leading the industry in VASER Hi-Def techniques, training and development, a training facility in the UK is a logical and welcomed expansion.

For more information, contact Chris Oertel:  chris@absinstitute.com, 303-708-8770