What Is The Future For Lip Filler?

What Is The Future For Lip Filler?

These days we are all familiar with the humble lip filler. It is a treatment that has been around for many years and has been a firm favourite among many celebrities and influencers.

Beautifully plumped, full lips have been on trend for a while, and this is the exact look we have become used to seeing on TV, magazines, and our Instagram feeds. However, all trends change and evolve with time, and it seems that the lip filler trend is on the move.


Subtlety Is Key

Rewind two years, and everyone aimed for plump, full lips and asked for more and more lip filler to achieve this aesthetic. Today, the results people are looking for are far more subtle and natural. The beauty of dermal fillers is that they can be tailored to achieve almost any results, and by adjusting the type of filler and the amount, a subtle look is easy to create.

The driving force behind this switch in look is the famous faces who once boasted beautifully full lips are now opting for a more subtle appearance.

Kylie Jenner, of the Kardashian clan, has been no stranger to enhanced lips over the years. In fact, her pout became so famous that her own brand, Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits, are considered an absolute must-have by beauty fanatics across the globe.

For years, Kylie has opted for lip filler to achieve her famous look, but in recent months she took to Instagram to reveal that she has gone back to her natural lip appearance. She isn’t the only one ditching the full lip look, as other regular TV faces, including Molly-Mae Hague and Megan McKenna, have gone for a more natural image in recent months.

As for the future of lip filler, it is expected that many people are going to choose a subtle finish over ditching the tweakment completely. Lip filler is not just about plumping and enlarging the lips, but it can work to create shape and balance the mouth area when used properly.

It is completely natural to have asymmetrical and thin lips, and dermal filler can be used to enhance these into a beautiful, subtle pout. A barely-there look is likely to be the next big thing in the world of lip fillers.


Regenerative Lip Fillers

There are so many types of dermal filler available today, and new options are always hitting the market. Recently we have seen a rise in fillers that are regenerative and work to naturally boost the collagen in the body. This means lip fillers can not only enhance your pout but encourage collagen production at the same time.

The results from this type of dermal filler are generally longer lasting and more natural in appearance, so it is no surprise they are booming in popularity.

Regenerative lip filler is set to be the future of the tweakment industry. It will change the way we age and could potentially slow down signs of ageing on the lips, such as lines and wrinkles.

Fillers that can actually boost the natural collagen production in the body will help keep everything plump and smooth for longer. They work by stimulating the production of Type 1 collagen, which is found in high concentrations in the body when we’re younger.

As we age, Type 1 collagen drops drastically, and by the age of 50, most people have lost 50% of this.


Lunchtime Lip Fillers

A lip filler treatment can take just twenty minutes, and with instant results and minimal recovery time, you can be back to your daily routine right away.

More people are choosing to top up their lip filler in their lunch breaks or as part of their regular chores, and this trend is only expected to continue. With this trend, there seem to be more clinics offering lip filler treatment. While it is tempting to opt for convenience, it is still essential to choose reputable practices with fully trained and insured medical practitioners. Remember, the clinic you choose for your dermal filler can be the difference between beautifully natural lips and long-lasting damage.


Post-Lockdown Tweakments

The Coronavirus pandemic has turned all our norms on their heads, and the same can be said for most people’s beauty regimes. Those who previously had their lip filler topped up regularly had no choice but to let them dissolve.

At the same time, people who had never undergone a beauty treatment became subject to the Zoom effect and started noticing all the areas they want to improve. As the world slowly returns to normality, we are seeing a rise in the number of people choosing tweakments such as lip filler.

From hiding behind masks to staying at home, a lot of people are self-conscious about returning to their usual lives. Lip fillers and other non-invasive treatments are an effective way of boosting self-confidence and helping individuals feel comfortable in their own skin once again.

Coronavirus has certainly changed the way people feel about themselves and their appearance, and cosmetic treatments are becoming more popular because of this.

At Hans Place, we are experts in lip fillers and work hard to create exceptional but natural-looking results. Dr Mike Comins has many years of experience using dermal fillers to create a subtle, natural pout, so no matter what look you are dreaming of, we are here to help.

During an initial consultation, Dr Comins will get an understanding of the results you want to achieve and recommend the best options for you. Book your free consultation today.


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