The best thigh rejuvenation techniques this summer

The best thigh rejuvenation techniques this summer

Regardless of age, gender or clothes size, many people have likely been conscious of how their thighs look or feel at least once. Thigh size and shape can often cause a lack of confidence, especially with those looking to achieve a thigh gap. However, thigh shape can be difficult to target with diet and exercise alone. While, for some people, skin texture or the appearance of cellulite can be the biggest concern. 

Fortunately, there are several methods that could help to improve skin texture, reduce cellulite, or assist in fat loss which can help to build thigh confidence.

Skincare Products

There are hundreds of skincare products on the market that claim to improve skin texture and reduce cellulite, but do they actually work?

Exfoliating is a popular technique that works by removing dead skin cells with either abrasive materials like sugar or chemical exfoliants like salicylic acid. The effects are only temporary, but exfoliation can improve and maintain a smooth skin texture when implemented into a regular skincare routine. However, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that exfoliating can reduce cellulite.

Applying good quality skincare is another way to improve skin texture on your thighs. Applying a moisturiser after you shower is a simple but effective way to take care of your skin and improve its appearance. 

If you’re concerned about cellulite or loose skin and would like a short-term boost before a special event, then consider caffeinated skincare. Caffeine dehydrates the skin and fat cells and constricts blood vessels near the surface, giving the appearance of tighter and smoother skin. However, no scientific studies have found caffeine to reduce cellulite, so don’t expect long-term results.

Thigh-Tightening Exercises

If you’re concerned about a lack of definition or loose skin, thigh-specific exercises can offer longer-term results as long as you’re willing to put in sustained effort. Targeting specific muscle groups to adjust the appearance of your physique is a common technique that models and body builders often use.

By focusing on exercises that target the thighs (or lower body as a whole), the muscles in your target area will become more toned and will give the appearance of tighter skin. Once you have started to see improvements, ensure that thigh-specific exercises remain part of your standard gym routine to maintain your newly sculpted muscles.

An important thing to note is that, contrary to popular belief, you can’t target weight loss through exercise alone. If you’re struggling to reduce stubborn fat deposits, consider practising thigh exercises alongside other methods like a balanced diet if you want to lose weight overall or non-surgical interventions.


For stubborn fat or loose skin, VASER Liposuction could be the ideal treatment for you. Hans Place has an abundance of experience in using the procedure to address numerous concerns, particularly around the thighs. VASER is commonly used to reduce inner thigh rubbing and sculpt the thighs to change the appearance of the area as a whole. 

VASER Liposuction works by using targeted ultrasound technology to selectively remove fat. The VASER procedure is highly flexible; it’s powerful enough to target larger areas of stubborn fat deposits like the thighs, but it’s also delicate and precise to target more specific areas of concern.

Combined with a healthy diet and exercise regime, the results from VASER liposuction can be long-lasting, making it the ideal choice for someone who hasn’t seen results from a sustained healthy lifestyle.


Renuvion is a highly effective and non-invasive procedure that tightens and tones the skin and soft tissue for a more sculpted look. It works exactly the same way as other branded procedures you may have come across, like Morpheus8. It’s an ideal procedure for anyone conscious of loose skin on their thighs and would prefer a more toned appearance.

Renuvion uses a small wand to apply radio-frequency energy sub-dermally. The energy, cooled by helium, contracts the sub-dermal collagen tissue and boosts collagen production, which results in instant firming of the skin. 

Renuvion can be used alone or applied after VASER Liposuction. Fat loss can sometimes result in sagging skin, so using Renuvion after a VASER liposuction procedure can help to reduce the effects of this by tightening and toning the skin on the thighs.

Whether used in conjunction with VASER or on its own, Renuvion patients often see immediate results, as well as experiencing longer-term results for up to a year after the procedure.


EmSculpt is a revolutionary procedure that changes the way patients think about fat reduction. This completely non-surgical treatment has shown incredible results in clinical studies, including a 19% fat reduction, 16% increase in muscle mass, and 5x increase in fat metabolism.

EmSculpt works by using High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic technology (HIFEM) to contract muscles beyond what is possible through physical training alone. These contractions force the muscle tissue to remodel itself, simultaneously building muscle and burning fat.

EmSculpt is ideal for use on the thighs – especially for anyone who is frustrated at the lack of results they’re seeing from long gym sessions. The thighs are home to a large muscle group that, when toned, gives the appearance of tighter and more youthful skin on the upper legs. 

EmSculpt improves muscle growth while also tackling the stubborn fat that people often experience on their thighs and can provide patients with a noticeable improvement in the appearance of their thighs for up to six months.

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