Do Non-Surgical Fat reduction treatments work?

Do Non-Surgical Fat reduction treatments work?

That’s the million dollar question! After all who wouldn’t like to have their stubborn fatty bits sculpted without the need for surgery?

The cosmetic industry has seen a boom in non-surgical fat removal devices over the last couple of years, whether it’s freezing, infra-red or ultrasound – the market has been inundated. But do they work? In short yes and no. Whilst some people have experienced results, reporting up to 20% fat reduction after one session, others have seen no difference at all. Which, given that these treatments are not cheap and side effects such as pain, bruising and redness are common, is a bitter pill to swallow.

Dr Comins says “Whilst the scientific evidence behind these devices show they can destroy the fat cells through the skin, this is only half of the puzzle. The problem is that there seems to be a huge inconsistency as to how well people metabolise and excrete the destroyed fatty debris. Some metabolise it well, others don’t. So until we find a solution to this we’re going to have inconsistent results.”

At Hans Place Practice we do believe that there is a place for non-surgical fat reduction, for those that are reluctant to have Vaser Lipo for whatever reason.

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