How To Use Cheek Filler For Contouring

How To Use Cheek Filler For Contouring

If you spend lots of time in front of the mirror applying make-up to contour your cheeks, have you thought about making it more permanent? Cheek filler might be something you’ve considered or not thought about at all. They have a misconception that it is just for young people. The truth is, cheek fillers, when done properly, can be for anybody.

Rejuvenation and aesthetic treatments have come a long way from when they were first introduced. Now the focus is on getting that youthful complexion back and improving your skin. Natural ingredients are used, such as collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are both found in the skin and its tissue. Our treatments are all about increasing your self-confidence by loving the skin you’re in.

The cheek area can be one of the first to show signs of ageing, although most of the time, it is down to genetics. The skin in this area tends to sag or hollow out, leaving you with less definition and contour. It may also leave you with an asymmetrical face as one side can have a tendency to sag more than the other.

Cheek fillers are mainly used to enhance what is already there. By boosting the tissue underneath, it adds volume to the face giving a more youthful look. In this article, we’ll look at the many benefits of getting cheek fillers. We will also cover how getting dermal fillers actually works, as well as the expected results.

The Benefits Of Cheek Filler

Whilst you might have just one reason for wanting fillers, there are multiple benefits that you might not have considered.

  • Restores volume. Ageing, unfortunately, can cause sagging or hollow cheekbones. Fillers allow you to restore some of that volume again and improve your skin too.
  • Creates definition and contour. Fillers help to edit the structure of your face, creating definition and adding contours to the face.
  • Lifts the cheeks. Whilst fillers are designed to do just that; they also help to balance the face out and make it more symmetrical. It changes the structure and shape of your face by lifting the cheeks up.
  • Fills out fine lines and wrinkles. Fillers fill out the area, giving extra volume to the area. This, in turn, removes fine lines and wrinkles that might be there.
  • Gives that youthful look. High cheekbones make you look longer. Skin loses volume as we age, so cheek fillers give you a youthful look to replace it.
  • Hydrated skin. Hyaluronic acid and collagen levels all reduce as you age. Fillers boost these levels again, giving skin a healthier glow and hydration.

How Cheek Filler Works?

Dermal fillers are a gel, similar to that of hyaluronic acid found in the body, which is injected into the deep tissue within the cheeks. First, the doctor will numb the area with cream before using a needle to insert the filler gel under the skin. It is usually inserted at three points at the highest part of the cheek or cheekbone to lift the face and give a more natural, contoured face.

The treatment is so quick that you can have it done during your lunch break. The cheek area may swell or bruise after a couple of days, but that should reduce within seven to ten days, just until the gel settles into the tissue underneath. The consultation with your doctor will be to discuss treatment plans, cost and how defined you would like your face to look. If you are unsure of anything, they are there to answer any and all questions about the treatment.

The only consideration is that dermal fillers are not a permanent fix for volume or definition. Over time, they are absorbed by the tissue so will either need to be topped up or left to fade. How often you need to get them topped up will be discussed during a consultation as it depends on the type of dermal fillers used.

What Results Can You Expect From Cheek Filler?

Over time, the fat cells in the skin slide and move downwards, which causes the skin to start to sag or hollow out. Fillers are merely used to push them back up into place and support the tissue underneath. They also increase the levels of collagen and elastin that the body creates, boosting volume and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

A contoured face will always give off a smooth, youthful look, with added definition to the cheek area. It gives you the structure that your face used to have but has changed over time due to a myriad of reasons. It can also improve the proportions of your face as well as improve the skin’s hydration levels.

Because they are non-surgical, cheek fillers are a much cheaper alternative to a facelift. Whilst there are still risks, you will not be under the knife and will have thorough consultations throughout the process.

Many people are opting for aesthetic treatments as opposed to surgical lifts due to many reasons, with cost, recovery time and duration of appointment all being factors. It is still important to discuss any worries you have with your doctor as well as the overall look you’re going for. Too much cheek filler can make it look unnatural, whereas not enough won’t make much of a difference. That balance is something that your expert practitioner will know well.

The main result cheek fillers bring is self-confidence. You may have spent years uncomfortable with your complexion and the changes to your face as you’ve aged. Fixing that with a quick and simple treatment gives you that confidence back. You may even get rid of that contouring make-up forever!

Achieving a youthful complexion is what every woman is after, no matter what their age is. Not only will cheek fillers change your appearance in a positive way, but they also boost the hydration of the skin underneath, giving you a healthier complexion too. However, the fillers will be subtle enough to keep you looking fantastic at any age!

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