How Staying Home Is Affecting Our Skin

How Staying Home Is Affecting Our Skin

The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting almost every aspect of our lives, and our skin is no exception. While in lockdown, many people are finding their skin to be drier and more prone to breakouts. Here at Hans Place Practice, we are skincare experts, and many of our patients have been in touch about their lockdown skin problems.

Common sense would say that staying in the comfort and cleanliness of our homes should leave our skin refreshed and glowing. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Staying safe at home can have a real adverse effect on our complexion for many reasons. We are looking into how staying home affects our skin and how we can combat lockdown skin concerns.

Skin Needs Fresh Air To Thrive

Because we are all spending more time than usual inside, our skin is not getting the fresh air it would usually have. Fresh air and sunshine do wonders for every aspect of our bodies, including our skin. Inside air is always drier than the fresh air outside. Because of this, eczema, dry patches and flaky skin can all begin to show. Especially during the colder months, when heating is drying the air in your home even more.

Staying inside might reduce your risk of UV damage from the sun, but it also leads to skin that is lacking in Vitamin D. When your skin is in need of vital vitamins, it is left looking sullen and dull. Vitamin D is responsible for cell repair, growth and rejuvenation, so not getting enough can wreak havoc with your complexion. Try to get outside for your daily exercise and give your skin a good dose of fresh air and sunshine.

You Are What You Eat

This age-old saying couldn’t be more true when it comes to your skin. While staying at home, many of us have been snacking more often and indulging in an extra takeaway here and there. With routines out the window, it is easy to let mealtimes slip and end up eating unhealthily. Whether you are snacking to fill the boredom or treating yourself to an extra glass of wine at the end of the day, your eating habits will have an impact on your skin.

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, even in lockdown, will help keep your skin fresh. Fruit and vegetables, as well as plenty of water, will leave your complexion glowing and radiant. Switch that chocolate bar for a healthy snack and choose a peppermint tea over an evening tipple.

Stress And Skin Health

Dealing with a global pandemic is stressful. Whether you feel the stress or not, it will impact your skin in many different ways. Worrying about your livelihood, your health and your loved ones can all add to normal everyday stresses.

Being under stress affects your body in many different ways, with your skin being one of these. When you are stressing, your body will produce more cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone which causes sebum and oil to develop on the skin and results in acne and breakouts. Not only that, but the way we handle stress can be detrimental to the skin.

Some people binge out on food, drink more, or subconsciously pick at their skin. Touching your face constantly, and picking at it will cause irritation and lead to further breakouts. Adopt some de-stressing techniques to help lower your cortisol levels and reduce your stress.


Too Much Screen Time

For most people, staying at home has meant spending more time than ever looking at screens. Working from home on your laptop, watching TV in your free time, and even socialising with friends on Zoom or FaceTime. All of these things add to the time we spend in front of a monitor or device.

Screen time isn’t just bad for our eyes, but it can be very damaging to the skin. Looking at screens exposes the skin to blue light. Blue light is a high energy light which can damage the elastin and collagen in the skin. The result is changes to your skin pigmentation and photo-ageing.

Not only that, but our phones are often filthy. These devices are constantly in our hands and by our faces, and the bacteria and dirt on them can lead to clogged pores and blemishes. Take some time out every day to do something that doesn’t involve a screen, such as exercise, painting or cooking a healthy meal. Also, remember to regularly clean the devices you are using every day.

Forgetting Your Skincare Routine

With most of our usual routines and habits going out the window during lockdown, it is no surprise that our skincare routine could be forgotten. Most of us aren’t taking the time we usually would to get ready in the morning, and aren’t wearing make-up which needs removing at the end of the day.

If your skin was accustomed to daily exfoliating, toning and moisturising, and now it gets a quick wash when you remember, it’s clear to see why you might be breaking out. With skincare clinics closing their doors for the foreseeable future, your monthly facial or skin treatment will also be going amiss.

Having a solid skincare routine is essential for a healthy complexion. Even though you are staying at home more than ever, you still need to prioritise your skincare.

Here at Hans Place, we are proud suppliers of Obagi Skincare. This at-home skin treatment range is perfect for keeping on top of your skin health whilst at home. Available by prescription only because of the powerful ingredients, Obagi Skincare is only available through certified clinics like us.

The Obagi Nu-Derm System contains a blend of ingredients such as Tretinoin and Hydroquinone 4%. These work to penetrate deep into the skin layers and offer visible results as well as healthier skin.

If you’re not sure what your skin needs, Dr Mike Comins will work with you to find the perfect dosage and usage for your unique complexion. If your skin has been suffering during lockdown, then get in touch today to find out how Obagi Skincare can help you get back on track.



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