Face ID Guarantee: Why The Best Tweakments Are Natural Looking

Face ID Guarantee: Why The Best Tweakments Are Natural Looking

When non-invasive cosmetic treatments first became available, many people were opting for extra-plump lips, perfectly smooth complexions, and well-defined contours. Today, the trend in beauty treatments is moving towards a more natural look. Many people choose to enhance their natural beauty with treatments like dermal fillers, Renuvion and Obagi Skincare. Clinics and practices all across the country are experiencing more requests for subtle, natural results than ever before.

In recent years, many celebrities and influencers have been following this trend, with big names like Kylie Jenner, Molly-Mae Hague, and Megan McKenna all trading in their surgical looks for something more natural.

The new demand is for tweakments which are barely there. This means they enhance the features subtly, which generally won’t even be noticed by others. Dermal fillers and Profhilo are perfect for achieving this kind of look, as practitioners can choose exactly how much is required to produce the perfect finish.

With so many people calling for natural tweakments, many clinics have introduced a ‘Face ID Guarantee’ to their services. At Hans Place, we are passionate about creating the results you dream of, and if that is a face that your phone recognises, then that is exactly what we will deliver!


What Is Face ID Guarantee?

Over the years, many people have discovered that their phones facial recognition software no longer recognises them after cosmetic treatments. Whether it is lip filler, jaw augmentation or rhinoplasty, all these tweakments alter the appearance of the face and can leave your phone wondering who you are. With the recent trend of natural and subtle results, clinics have started offering a Face ID Guarantee. This means they promise that the results will be so subtle that your phone will still recognise you with facial recognition.

Essentially, it is reassurance that treatments will deliver natural results and won’t completely alter your appearance. A Face ID Guarantee can provide peace of mind that you still look like your authentic self, albeit with some subtle enhancements.

Phone facial recognition software looks at the main facial features, such as the eyes, nose, and lips. Dramatic changes to these areas can stop the device from recognising you, which is why with a Face ID Guarantee, everything is all about subtlety and natural results.


How Cosmetic Treatments Impact Face ID?

It’s been a few years since phone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung dropped their touch ID systems for facial recognition software. Face ID is used on almost all new devices in order to unlock and use various features.

In the case of iPhones, Apple uses the TrueDepth camera to map the geometry of the face. More than 30,000 infrared dots are used to develop a map of the face, and this is the data that is used to unlock the device every time. Apple has revealed that Face ID adapts automatically to natural changes in appearance over time.

While this technology can adapt to natural changes such as ageing, weight gain or loss, or other factors, it can’t always read a face following dramatic cosmetic procedures. This is partly because the technology tracks subtle changes over time, and if significant changes to facial features happen overnight, the systems can’t recognise this.

Any tweakments which significantly alter the face can stop Face ID from working properly. This is more commonly the case for treatments that affect the centre of the face and the front view.

Some cosmetic treatments have been known to prevent Face ID from working, particularly when the results are dramatically different and unnatural. These include:

  • Dermal fillers on the face, such as cheek filler or lip filler
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Eyebrow lifts
  • 8 point facelifts
  • Vaser liposuction on the face and neck


Natural Looking Tweakments Are On The Rise

Unfortunately, there is a stigma that comes with cosmetic treatment. Most people have the misconception that all non-surgical treatments result in a fake, artificial look. While years ago this might have been desirable, it is now something that a lot of people are fearful of, putting them off having any kind of tweakment.

The truth is, through an advanced understanding and skilled practitioners, beautiful, natural results are perfectly possible.

By guaranteeing that face recognition software will still recognise facial features even after treatment, it delivers confidence that the overall appearance won’t be altered. Having tweakments with natural results can boost an individual’s self-confidence and esteem and help improve their mental health.

With a Face ID Guarantee in place, both individuals and practitioners will be aiming for even more natural results.


Face ID Guarantee At Hans Place

When you choose Hans Place Practice for your cosmetic treatments, you know you are in safe hands. Dr Mike Comins has been performing non-invasive procedures for many years and has plenty of experience in delivering natural and subtle results.

He takes so much pride in creating the perfect results for every patient, and if a barely-there look is what you are after, then it is exactly what you will get from Hans Place.

We can guarantee natural results and a Face ID Guarantee for certain tweakments and results. Our team understand the importance of getting your aesthetics just right and will walk you through exactly what you can expect at an initial consultation.

Not every treatment can come with a Face ID Guarantee due to the nature of some of the results. It can also depend on the look you are hoping to achieve. If you want to alter the shape of your nose or leave with fully plump lips, we cannot provide a Face ID Guarantee. However, if you are hoping for subtle and natural results, then we will ensure you get precisely that.

For more information on our range of non-invasive treatments and our Face ID Guarantee, get in touch with our expert team. We can answer any questions you may have and book you in for a free consultation.



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