Dr Mike Comins offers some wise advice to reality star Abigail Clarke

Dr Mike Comins offers some wise advice to reality star Abigail Clarke

“A story in the Daily Mirror caught my attention this week. Titled “She’s absolutely scared’: TOWIE’s Abigail Clarke planning life-threatening ‘rib removal surgery and liposuction’ for reality TV comeback“, it’s a worrying account of how one woman in the public eye is said to be willing to undergo invasive procedures despite being worried about the possible consequences, in order to achieve the body she feels she needs for her career.

Hopefully, she has a good surgeon who will discuss her choices and whether she is psychologically and physically prepared for invasive surgery. Even better, I hope that she is also in contact with a clinic like ours which offers minimally and non-invasive treatments that achieve fantastic results.

Thanks to the development of techniques such VASER Liposuction, Velashape 3, INTRAcel and AQUALYX, it’s now possible to shape and tone people’s bodies without subjecting them to invasive procedures, hospital stays or general anaesthetic.

We also insist that every patient has a thorough consultation before any procedure to ensure they know exactly what is involved, that any concerns are fully addressed, and to ensure they are fit and healthy.

It’s the responsible approach, and one that Abigail and others like her would benefit from.”

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