Cracking the latest trend

Cracking the latest trend

Until six months or so ago, the phrase ‘ab crack’ was as unlikely to be heard as ‘Ed Balls does quite well at Strictly Come Dancing’. Now, an Instagram post of a celeb’s flat, washboard stomach is only truly complete if this sought-after line can also be spotted.

For the uninitiated – and there can’t be many of you, given every broadsheet, tabloid and magazine has published their take on the phenomenon – the ab crack is a vertical line that runs from the breastbone to the tummy button on fit and toned abdomens.

The proper name for this line is the linea alba and Dr Mike Comins of Hans Place Practice explains that while it is usually seen on fat-free, toned abdomens, some people naturally have more defined ones than others.

“The linea alba is actually quite straightforward to sculpt using Vaser Mid-Def or Hi-Def, and is a very popular request,” confirms Dr Comins, an award-winning Vaser Lipo doctor. “Vaser treatments allow practitioners to remove fat and reshape specific areas, creating a more athletic, toned look with no overnight stay or general anaesthetic required.”

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