Biggest Aesthetic Trends For 2021

Biggest Aesthetic Trends For 2021

With the coming of a new year, some things remain the same while others move on. 2020 has had a significant impact on how people view themselves, so it’s not surprising that it has had a big impact on aesthetics. For example, the ‘Zoom Boom’ has seen a 100% increase in demand for consultations!

Being confronted by videos of your own face on screens every day is having an effect on many individuals. Research shows that it is moving more people to seek out aesthetic treatments. It’s also probably not surprising that it has also affected the types of treatment that people are seeking. Here’s a quick rundown of the trends that look set to take hold in 2021.

Minimally Invasive Treatments

While liquid facelifts have been popular for several years, now the trend is switching to more longer-term solutions through the use of minimally invasive treatments. Liquid facelifts cover injectables such as dermal fillers and Botox which offer results that last for several months. However, with lockdowns occurring, making it harder to receive top-up treatments, there is now a higher demand for treatments that are still safe, don’t require significant surgery, but offer longer-term results.

Minimally invasive options include treatments such as VASER and Renuvion. More modern and high tech liposuction technology like VASER liposuction allows for liposuction to be skillfully applied to a wide range of areas. The one of most interest at present is the neck, no doubt a result of the Zoom boom and video call angles which can make the chin and neck area more prevalent.

Renuvion works to tighten the skin, to create a smoother, firmer appearance. We are seeing a growing demand in using Renuvion as a way to smooth and define the jawline and provide neck lifts.

With the Zoom effect having an impact on how we perceive our own jawlines, the combination treatment of Renuvion and VASER liposuction can be the ideal pairing for neck lifts and jaw contouring. What’s more, both treatments can be performed under local anaesthetic and require just two or three days downtime while offering long-term results.

Preventative Treatments

There has been a definite shift in the demographic of people who are considering aesthetic procedures. No longer are people agonising over imperfections for a long time until they can’t bear it any longer. Instead, people are beginning to be proactive about seeking treatments.

The push is towards smaller, less invasive procedures earlier in life. This means that less drastic interventions may be needed later, and people are feeling better and more comfortable in their skin earlier in life.

It is also likely that the rush to get treatments done will continue into 2021. Many of these minimally invasive, preventative procedures still require some recovery time. They can often result in bruising and swelling for a short period. So, while we are living in a time of masks, it can certainly be appealing to get these procedures done now. It lets you recover in privacy and seclusion, helping you to feel confident at all times.

Maskne And Skin Care Treatments

While for some, masks have provided an opportunity, for many others, they have caused a host of problems. People whose skin was doing well have found that the masks they’re wearing are harming their skin condition. Anyone who suffered from acne before they needed to wear a mask all day may have found that their skin has significantly worsened.

As society is becoming more aware and accepting of adult skin conditions like acne and rosacea the embarrassment is beginning to fade, which is empowering people to seek out treatments for these skin conditions.

There are many prescription skin treatments, such as Obagi, that you can get through aesthetic clinics like Hans Place Practice, which can have a real positive effect on acne, acne scarring, blemishes, and uneven skin tone. There are even skin creams that can help with loss of elasticity and natural skin hydration.

While maskne might have been the driving force behind seeking these skin treatments, the improvement in skin condition will mean this remains a popular treatment option.

Combined Treatments

More people are combining treatments to get the best results possible. Instead of simply have a single treatment, people are combining a number to get the results they are seeking in one fell swoop. There is also a trend away from a single invasive procedure to a combination of less invasive options.

Some examples include combining Renuvion for skin tightening with VASER liposuction or VASER Hi and Mid Definition. This means that excess fat is removed and sculpted, and then the skin in the area is treated to leave a tighter and smoother finish. Combining the techniques means that the end results are significantly greater than if you had either one carried out separately.

Many people are choosing Dermal Fillers combined with ULTRAcel. This is a popular non surgical face lift option. This combination treatment can help to fill any lines, wrinkles or unwanted hollows while also tightening the skin, which can help to remove any bagginess in the skin such as jowls.

Muscle Enhancement

With gym closures, a lot of people have felt stuck in their fitness journeys. This has lead to a surge in interest in muscle enhancement techniques.

Treatments like Emsculpt help to tone muscles and also have the side effect of reducing body fat. These techniques use focused electromagnetic pulses to make targetted muscles contract more times than you could achieve while exercising. For instance, a 30-minute session focused on your abdominal muscles would be the same as doing around 20,000 situps.

These muscles enhancing treatments can be focussed on your abs, buttocks, upper arms, and legs. They offer an excellent way to jump-start your muscle conditioning and help you achieve your fitness goals. Because of its targeted application, it’s a good option for those who have stubborn pockets of fat that they are struggling to remove.

What’s Your Target For 2021?

If you’re considering a non-invasive aesthetic treatment for 2021 but not sure what is right for your specific concerns, then speak to Dr Mike Comins. Through an in-depth consultation, in person or via a video call, Dr Comins will work hard to understand your concerns, recommend the most effective treatments for your goals and answer any questions you may have. Click here to find out more and to book your consultation.


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