I really couldn’t recommend Dr Mike…

I really couldn’t recommend Dr Mike Cummins and his team more. I had Vaser Lipo on my inner and outer thighs, and knees. I have received impeccable service, care and thought for my well being from start to finish. I felt very comfortable with Mike from the start who has a wonderful bed wide manner whilst being extremely professional. Throughout the procedure he kept checking in with me to make sure I was comfortable and okay. And since Saturday he has called himself to check on my after care and progress. Exceptional care and service. I can’t wait to see the results in a few months time. In the meantime. I am following all advice provided by the Clinic. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr Cummins to anyone. And now have friends ready to book their own procedures after my experience.

- Caitlin

Amazing quality of expertise and care

Hans Place, Dr Comins and the team come with my highest recommendation. I recently had Vaser Lipo to my abdomen and inner thighs from start to end the level of expertise, service and care was outstanding. During every interaction the team made sure to put me at ease and answer my questions, I felt confident and safe in their care. Dr Comins was excellent at listening to me in terms of what I was trying to achieve and making pragmatic recommendations to achieve the best outcome. One-week post-surgery the results are utterly amazing, the detailed post-surgery guidance and calls from Dr Comins and the team was a huge reassuring factor.

- Anonymous

Thanks dr Comins...you are a magician

I can only highly recommend anyone who considers Vaser Lipo. Dr Mike Comins is a great surgeon and the whole journey has been handled extremely from the consultation where Dr Comins explains you in details the process and what you can expect… to the aftercare where Dr Comins checked up on me regularly to monitor the healing process. My only regret not to have done it earlier!!! Thank you Dr Comins and Hans Place Practice Team

- Renaud Dessertenne

Awesome and such a friendly team

Awesome and such a friendly team

- Paul

Highly Recommend Dr Comins

Dr Mike Comins is highly professional with great attention to detail. I am two weeks post op and although I have been advised that results will take between 6 weeks, with full healing and definition up to 6 months I can honestly say that I can already see the benefits. I have a naturally slender frame but have quite wide hips and always carried extra fat on the belly no matter how hard I trained. Through Vaser Lipo not only has Dr Comins reshaped my waist that accentuates my natural curves and hips, he has also refined my stomach definition. No amount of training would off given me this lovely hour glass shape and I am thrilled with the results.

- 9th July patient


Really good experience. I had VASER Lipo on the chest, flanks and abdomen. Dr Mike listened to everything that I wanted and so far so good. I’m only 2 weeks post op so there’s still some swelling around the flanks and all over in general but it’s looking amazing in comparison to what it was. Kele the nurse was also fantastic throughout. She’s brilliant at the covid test- no pain at all. She also kept in touch and is really good at communicating any issues or questions you may have. I also had the iv sedation and in recovery kele assisted me a lot greatly with in post op. Great experience so far!

- Michael

‘Top Up’ Procedure

This was a ‘top up’ procedure following the original lipo on the abdomen and a knee (!) in September 2019. Really pleased with the results especially as Mike finally got a fatty lump out of my knee which has been there for many many years and on my 3rd attempt to try and remove it. Just a very minor thing with rebooking as had to wait a little. On this occasion the surgery was performed under local which was not as painful as expected and also very fascinating to watching the procedure being done on yourself! And finally a thank you to Kele!

- Marina


BEST VASER LIPO EVER dr Mike Cummins Is not just a plastic surgeon he is a fantastic artist who gave me what I always dreamed of. I travelled to Lebanon and turkey to meet so many surgeons but there was always something missing!! Even I actually booked with one then in March just before lockdown but it’s got cancelled,then decided to book a consultation with dr Mike which was after around 3 years of research and I finally felt he is the one… My vaser mid def was on 15th of July ( which went really smooth) and for the first 3 days hansplace actually contact me including dr Mike himself to check on me which was really amazing, they made me felt Like I’m actually not just a patient they do really follow up with u and that’s just PERFECT. And now we are on 18th of August I can’t even explain who my body changed in such a drastic way ( dream come true) if u live in uk don’t wait your time to travel overseas for better prices, i have learned I either don’t treat myself or if I do It will give myself The best one I can tell u guys dr Mike is really expert I even decided to do my inner thighs and arms with again before Christmas

- Kamjou

Very professional

Highly recommend Dr Comin, he and his team are very professional. The procedure and what was going to happen after was explained to me very thoroughly and Dr Comin was patient with all my questions. It took me a while to decide whether to go for the procedure but i am happy i did; so far results have been wonderful. Also, a big thank you to Shazia who has been very welcoming, patient and accommodating.

- MonB

From the moment I booked my initial…

From the moment I booked my initial consultation I felt at ease and confident I had chosen the right place. My consultation with Mr Comins was easy to arrange and very straight forward. After doing a lot research myself into the procedure I was able to speak openly about my expectations and fears regarding the procedure. Mr Comins explained the procedure in full, the after care and also what I can expect in the weeks and months afterwards. The whole procedure was excellent, the staff on the day were extremely friendly and helpful. Obviously I was a bit nervous but I was put at ease by all of the staff. Overall I have no regrets and I am delighted with the results to date. If you are seeking vaser Liposuction I strongly recommend Mr Comins.

- Martin Lyons

I’ve had vaser liposuction with Dr

I’ve had vaser liposuction with Dr. Comins and couldn’t be happier. I’m only a week post op so haven’t seen the full results yet but am already seeing a huge difference. I was completely taken care of with such care and kindness by the whole team. Extremely satisfied!

- S.E

Honest Consultation

I saw Dr. Comins as a 2nd Opinion. During the consultation he examined me and advised that he knew what I wanted but my expectations would not be met. He agreed with the opinions of the first Surgeon and advised that although in theory the procedure could go ahead, I would not be happy. I admit that I was surprised as I did not think that my request was unachievable but the truth of the matter is Surgeons are not ‘Miracle Workers’. If your body is in fairly good condition, you will get great results but my body is far, far from ‘normal’. Bearing in mind Surgery is not a ‘quick fix’, results are not instantaineous and it takes approximately 6-12 months for the final outcome and corrections may not be possible. An average person cannot be turned into a Supermodel and of course I realise that! I understand that Dr. Comins is one of the top 3 Surgeons for Vaser in London and although I went away quite upset at his blunt honesty, I am extremely grateful he didn’t waste his or my time or try to fleece me of my money with false hope, something I am sure other Surgeons would have no qualms in doing…. The quotes for procedures under both Surgeons was near identical in anycase and I am confident after speaking to Dr. Comins my original decision was right. My suggestion to anyone is to look them up, book consultations with all three and come to your own conclusions.

- CC

Excellent procedure and aftercare.

Excellent procedure and aftercare. Friendly and helpful staff. Modern and welcoming practice. Very professional. Highly recommended. Thank You.

- Lady B

Please... of course, do your research.... but trust me....

My journey started years ago with wanting to get rid of my abdomen and flanks stubborn fat which I couldn’t get rid of despite a decent clean diet and ongoing specific exercises and classes. This was a scary thing at first seeing the amount of doctors offering liposuction all over the UK and not knowing who and where to choose. So, following many months of research both on trustpilot, independent reviews and many website reviews it was very apparent very quickly that Dr Comins was by far the most trusted, professional clinician who (from his own patient feedback) obtained the best results throughout. He offered the most up to date clinical procedures which not only offered liposuction but the new to market thermal treatment to tighten skin following suction. Although London was by no means close to my home in the Midlands I wanted the best I could find… so London it was!!! After a very professional and friendly consultation we agreed times and dates. What followed was weeks of constant COVID monitoring, information giving and explanations of exactly what would be happening from admission to the clinic to discharge. The day before the of procedure everything was rechecked with regards to COVID etc and we were ready. The day of the surgery was obviously exciting but slightly nervous however Mike, Dr Vora, Shazia, Keli and Caitlin put me at instant ease….. I was prepped, sedated and awoke 3 hours later pain free ( thank you Dr Vora!!!) and surgically bound up ready for home. I have followed the pre and post procedure to the letter and although I am only2 weeks 2 days post op I can see the most remarkable difference. I look (already) like I’ve wished to look in years. I cannot thank them enough and I know it’s only going to get better over the next few months. Please… of course, do your research….but I can truthfully say you’re very unlikely to find any practice as wonderfully professional or a doctor so talented and astonishing at what he does. Thank you for allowing me to look and feel as I do xxx

- Sharon

So HUMBLE and honest (Dr Comins)

My vaser lipo and Renuvion Treatment was on the 2nd October 2020 I decided to go with Dr Comins as I saw him on ITV this morning, he is also within the top 3 surgeons. My initial consultation was in August when I first spoke to DR Comins such a HUMBLE person, durning my consultation Dr Comins mentioned that I would get better results from having a tummy tuck, but this was not a treatment that he did, and I really didn’t want a tummy tuck because of the recovery time and the scar as I already have one scar from my two C sections, so I decided to go ahead with Dr Comins. From the second day when I managed to remove my compression garment I was absolutely amazed at what Dr Comins had achieved, my stomach was so flat, I haven’t seen my stomach like this for over 14 years before my children, I was so emotional this gave me a massive confidence boost. As the days went on the results have got better and better and is giving me the motivation to join a gym again (as soon as they open) right now I’m on a massive high. Today I have my face to face follow up with Dr Comins and all is extremely fine. Dr Comins, Kelechi and Shazia are an outstanding team for their excellent service, support and emotional encouragement which they have given me I can’t thank them enough. Ms T. Patel

- Higgins Higgins

5 stars

I have had multiple areas of Vaser performed by Dr. Comins and would not hesitate to return based on the expertise, professionalism and excellent results received at Hans Place Practise.

- Patient B

Great service! Friendly, professional, attentive!

Had vaser lipo of the abdomen yesterday with Dr Mike! In the lead up I spoke to the lovely Kele frequently to get booked in. She made the entire process seamless, including going through all of the Covid precautions. Shazia at reception was lovely and welcoming on arrival. During surgery I opted for oral sedation so was awake, and Dr Mike, Kelly and the other nurse whose name I unfortunately didn’t get, were so lovely and attentive! They asked throughout if I was ok, and we even had some lighthearted banter during the op! Everything went smoothly and within 2 hours I was on my way home. Fantastic customer service, super attentive and friendly – exactly what you need when you’re nervous and have never had any cosmetic procedure done!

- LH

Excellent service,highest standards of…

Excellent service,highest standards of care and hygiene, fully compliant with Covid-19 guidelines,great result thoroughly recommend 5* treatment

- Sean

Highly recommend

Could not begin to recommend highly enough. Dr Cummins and his team are incredibly professional and the results are better than I ever dreamed possible.

- Cameron

Dr Comins and Kelechi are AMAZING

Dr Comins and Kelechi services were amazing Their services were top tier and they’ll look after you whole heartedly Again , special thank you to Kelechi and Dr Comins

- Hassan