Ear lobes are an easily forgotten part of the body, usually used to present beautiful jewellery and sparkly earrings. But for some, the ear lobes become a real area of concern due to sagging and droopiness.

Heavy earrings are the top cause of saggy ear lobes, and people who tend to wear big earrings are more likely to suffer from ear lobes that droop. The weight of heavy earrings combined with the natural effect of gravity over time can lead to once firm ear lobes drooping and sagging.

While saggy ear lobes can affect anyone of any age; they are also a common sign of getting older. The skin around the face and ears lose firmness and elasticity with age, resulting in skin that sags and droops, particularly around the ear lobes. Ageing also causes the underlying structure of the face to change which can be a contributing factor to saggy ear lobes.

Saggy Ear Lobes Treatment At Hans Place Practice

Saggy ear lobes can make both men and women look older, and while they are a completely normal part of getting older; they can result in self-consciousness. At Hans Place Practice, we can use cosmetic treatments such as Dermal Fillers to help ease the appearance of saggy ear lobes.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers use a non-animal based clear gel which is almost identical to the hyaluronic acid that the body naturally produces. A range of filler types are available to choose from, and they work with the body to plump and fill diminished areas.

Dermal fillers can be used to treat saggy ear lobes and work to amend the underlying structure of the face. The results are natural, leaving an untouched look as the fillers are injected deep into the skin tissue. These results are temporary and can last up to six to nine months before the filler is naturally removed from the body.

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