It is no secret that as skin ages it begins to sag and become loose, and this can often result in men and women suffering from loose skin on the face. Many people begin to find the skin on the face becomes looser and not as firm as it once was. This can cause folds of skin and wrinkles. Consequently, it can result in self-consciousness and a loss of confidence.

Loose skin on the face is caused by ageing skin because over time, the collagen and elastin levels in the skin drops. This drop means the skin is no longer as tight and firm, and its elasticity is significantly reduced. Various other factors can contribute to loose skin on face as well as age, including sun damage, weight loss and environmental stress.

There is a range of treatments available for dealing with loose skin on the face, which can be used to tighten and smooth appearance. Both men and women with sagging skin around the face can benefit from these cosmetic treatments if it is something they are unhappy with about their appearance.

Loose Skin On Face Treatments At Hans Place Practice

Hans Place Practice is a specialist clinic that focuses on non-invasive and minor surgical cosmetic procedures. Our team of experts can recommend the best treatment for loose skin on the face, and a skincare assessment and consultation is recommended. In some cases, more invasive surgery such as a surgical facelift may be recommended but is not something that Hans Place Practice offer.


ULTRAcel is a treatment option which is entirely non-surgical and can help to tighten, smooth and firm loose skin on the face. It uses a combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency technology to penetrate deep into the tissue below the skin. This boosts the natural healing process and encourages new healthy and tighter skin to grow.

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INTRAcel is considered a non-surgical facelift and is designed to combat the signs of ageing and tighten loose skin. It uses radiofrequency technology, micro-needling and fractional treatments together to leave skin firm, smooth and tight.

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Renuvion is a cosmetic procedure which involves small incisions being made into the skin. A wand is inserted into the areas suffering from loose skin and emits radiofrequency energy to boost collagen production. This provides an instant firming effect and minimises the look of loose skin on the face.

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Dermal Fillers

If loose skin is caused by a loss of tissue and fat in the face over time, then dermal fillers can be used to plump these areas and tighten the skin. They involve a clear gel being injected into the face which works with the body to smooth, fill and plump the skin for a brighter, fuller complexion.

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