Sometimes stubborn bra fat on the upper back is caused by a poorly fitting bra which leads to a bulge or overhang. However sometimes, even the best fitting bra will still result in upper back fat, especially among women who are overweight.

Excess fat often accumulates around the back, and it can be stubborn fat to lose through diet and exercise. Back fat is subcutaneous which means it sits as a layer just below the skin, creating fat pockets that are very difficult to shift. Stubborn bra fat can caused by poorly fitted bras, and for some this can be a sign of ageing. As the body gets older the metabolism slows, making it more challenging to burn fat.

Having back fat around the bra is a common situation for a lot of women, and it can result in reduced morale and self-satisfaction, especially when diet and exercise do not seem to help. Stubborn bra fat can be reduced using cosmetic procedures without the need for major invasive surgery.

Stubborn Bra Fat Treatments At Hans Place Practice

Our team at Hans Place Practice recommend the use of VASER Liposuction and Renuvion to reduce the appearance of stubborn bra fat. These are two treatments offered by our practice, and we recommend anyone looking into treatment to book a skincare assessment.

VASER Liposuction

VASER Liposuction uses ultrasound technology to offer fat reducing results similar to traditional liposuction without the need for invasive surgery. It involves the area around the back being filled with a saline and local anaesthetic solution through tiny incisions in the skin. This solution numbs the skin and shrinks blood vessels to minimise damage. Then a small probe is used to emit sound energy into the area which breaks up fatty tissue.

This sound energy is particularly good at treating deep superficial fat such as stubborn bra fat. After VASER Lipo has emulsified the fat, an aspiration process is used to remove it from the body.

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Renuvion can be used with VASER Liposuction to treat stubborn back fat. It works to boost collagen production in the skin and body tissue which results in firmer, tighter skin. Renuvion offers very high precision making it perfect for treating specific areas around the back that require skin toning and tightening. Results of Renuvion are progressive and continue to improve for up to one year after treatment.

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