Slender, toned thighs are often sought after by many women but are not always easy to achieve. The thighs are notoriously difficult for reducing fat as they are one of the first places the body stores fatty tissue particaully if you are genetically ‘pear shaped’. Excess fat on the thighs can result in shape challenged thighs, saddle bags, fat on the front and on the inner thighs.

Shape challenged thighs are usually caused by excess fat in the area, which covers the muscles and adds additional tissue. Fat around the thighs is can often be resistant to dieting and exercise and stubborn. Ageing can also play a role in causing saddle bags and no thigh gap because as the body gets older, it becomes more difficult to burn fat.

Whatever the reason behind shape challenged thighs, it can be something that many women and men are self-conscious about. While it is entirely normal to have fat on the thigh and saddle bags, a lot of individuals find themselves unsatisfied with their appearance.

Shape Challenged Thighs Treatments At Hans Place Practice

At Hans Place Practice we can recommend the best treatments for fixing shape challenged thighs;

VASER Liposuction

VASER Liposuction uses ultrasound technology to selectively remove fat from around the thighs. It is a powerful treatment that can help to reshape the body and remove saddle bags and excess fat. A small probe is used to transmit sound energy and break up fatty tissue. This fat is liquified and removed using an aspiration process that has been designed to minimise damage to other surrounding tissue.

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Renuvion is an innovative and groundbreaking treatment that can be used alongside VASER Liposuction to treat shape challenged thighs. It works to reduce loose skin and sagging caused by a loss in fatty tissue. Radiofrequency energy is used to contract the subdermal tissue to boost collagen production. This results in an instant firming effect and thighs that are toned and tightened.

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