Loose skin on the tummy is something that many people have to live with, and it is an entirely normal body complaint. It is when the area around the abdomen has a large amount of loose, sagging skin, and it can affect both men and women of all ages. Those who suffer from loose skin on the tummy can often have issues with self-confidence and be conscious of their abdominal area.

There are a few things that can cause loose skin on the tummy, with the most common reason being a l weight loss. Individuals who once had much larger stomachs and then lose a large amount of weight can be left with saggy loose skin. This is also a common issue for women after pregnancy, as the skin can struggle to bounce back to its once smaller self.

Loose skin on the tummy can be more of an issue as people age, as the skin becomes less elastic and able to recover. This is because over time the skin loses its collagen levels which are what helps it to stay firm and tight.

Loose Skin On Tummy Treatments At Hans Place Practice

At Hans Place Practice, we are experts in non-invasive and minor surgical cosmetic procedures. We offer treatment options for helping reduce loose skin on the tummy, and our team of specialists can conduct a skincare assessment to review each individual’s needs.


Renuvion is a groundbreaking treatment that can be used to treat loose skin on the tummy. It provides skin firming and tightening results without invasive surgery and can instantly improve tautness and tone of the skin.

Renuvion uses a wand which is inserted subdermally through tiny incisions to apply radio-frequency energy to the tissue. This works by contracting the cells and boosting the production of collagen within the skin. The results are instant and long-term results can continue to improve for up to a year due to the effect Renuvion can have on collagen production.

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VASER Liposuction

For those who have loose skin on the tummy and excess fat in the area, Renuvion can be used alongside VASER Lipo. VASER Lipo is used to reduce fat tissue and melt away fatty cells through sound energy. It is excellent for treating deep and superficial fat, such as that found around the stomach.

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