The flanks are a common area of complaint for many men and women as they are often prone to collecting excess fat and loose skin. Loose skin can occur on almost any area of the body; however, due to gravity doing its thing, the area at the side of the waist often holds more loose skin than elsewhere.

There are many causes of loose skin on the flanks, with one of the most common being rapid weight loss. If someone has quickly lost a large amount of fat tissue around the flanks, it can leave loose skin behind. This can be extremely demotivating and frustrating, especially for those who have worked hard to reduce their love handles only to be left with loose skin.

Loose skin is more common among older individuals because as the skin ages it loses collagen and elastin, which prevents it from tightening and toning. Sun damage can also result in loose skin on the flanks, as overexposure to the sun can have a significant impact on the collagen levels in the body.

Loose Skin On Flanks Treatments At Hans Place Practice

When loose skin on the flanks starts to have an impact on an individual’s self-confidence and happiness, it can be worth considering treatment options. Here at Hans Place Practice, we recommend Renuvion for reducing the appearance of loose skin on the flanks.


Renuvion can be used to help improve the tone and tautness of the skin on almost any area of the body. It is precise enough to target specific problem areas such as the flanks and can help to reduce the appearance of loose skin. Renuvion utilises groundbreaking radio-frequency energy cooled by helium in order to contract the subdermal collagen tissue. This contraction encourages new collagen production within the body and results in firmer, tighter skin.

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